Spiderweb Revisited


One thing I have learned (or hope I have learned)is that projects get stale for me. This means that I need to focus on them, get them done and move on. Have I said this before? I think so. I am reiterating it here.

I have a stack of various sized strips I have been saving for this project. The longer they sit around, the easier it is for me to forget why I am saving them and the other day I thought I would just send them off to Katie. Then, I remembered why I am saving them and the big problem with finishing this quilt.

1. I have too many blocks. What do I do? Make a giant quilt that comfortably seats 12?
make a normal sized quilt and put the extra blocks in the Children’s Quilt Project bin at EBHQ?

2. The border. I want to use the self bordering technique, but I need to sit down and figure out how that will work with this pattern and paper piecing. I just have to do it. I never seem to do it.

I really want this quilt off my mind, so…

Soon, I promise.