Various & Sundry 2012 #5

I fell off the fabric wagon. I was trying really hard to be restrained (Nota bene: I am NOT saying “refrain from”) about buying fabric. I kept it up for awhile, then there was a sale and that temptress, Joyce at Quilting Adventures showed me some photos of my favorite (if I had to choose a favorite) designers, Philip Jacobs and Martha Negly. Now I see a link from Adrianne’s blog to the Mama Says Sew site where they have a new line of fabrics that I might-well, probably- need to buy. πŸ˜‰ They would go with that nice piece of Circa 1934 (red background with numbers and letters) I have leftover from the Stepping Stones. Perhaps Stepping Stones #3? Sadly this line Mama Said Sew from Sweetwater won’t be available until August. Perhaps I won’t want it by then?

In case you were worried, the Vintage Modern precuts are now available for purchase at the Fat Quarter Shop. I am already getting some charm packs from Julie at Intrepid Thread, and I am sure she will have other/more precuts soon. I am going to hold off on yardage until I see what the prints are like and how they would go with what I already have (Ruby, Bliss, other aqua). I know I won’t buy Jelly Rolls.

Cat Beds

Speaking of fabric, Amanda has allowed me to post two tutorials (one short Simplified Cat Bed Tutorial, and one longer that I can’t post for some odd computer reason that I don’t understand) for cat beds. You might remember that I was saving my scraps for Amanda and her cat bed project. I was feeling very good about my additional recycling efforts and then Amanda got too much filling and not enough cat beds to stuff with the filling overflowing her garage so she stopped accepting filling. I thought that posting the directions here would encourage you to make some cat beds. The organization for which she is currently sewing these beds is called HCN – Homeless Cat Network. They are a small, non-kill shelter with a physical building up in the San Mateo/Burlingame area. They also have a foster home network. Amanda says that the very cool thing about this group is that every cat gets a bed, and when the cat goes to its new home, it gets to take the bed with it. So it has that double-extra niceness to it. HCN also has a very good feral cats program.

Quiltmaking and Copyright

The Emily Cier Scrap Republic issue, detailed in a post from several months ago, has been made more public. Todd Hensley of C&T wrote about their thoughts on the issue, as does Kate Spain, the designer in question, in a recent post. Public statements and some additional information are also listed on Emily Cier’s site. I found out that a resolution had been reached when Weeks over at Craft Nectar wrote about the issue from her perspective. Kim from TrueUp also put in her two cents with some interesting comments. Leah Day, not talking specifically about this Emily Cier/Kate Spain issue, has some good questions and a unique way of saying commenting on copyright. Amazon has a photo of the offending tote bag, but it is listed as currently unavailable. All of these posts are very thought provoking. Many people have things to say about this particular issue and copyright in general. I am not excluding anyone by not mentioning their post here. You can find more via any one of several search engines.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if you are not a lawyer or do not have some special, intricate knowledge of copyright law, I would urge you to refrain from sending disparaging remarks to any of the parties. Ms. Spain also goes into more detail about why this came about. I think that she also details, very civilly, what she does to support (posting blogs, selling items made with her fabric on Etsy, etc). Ms. Spain also has an interesting graphic that shows how her business works. She includes, as part of her post, “If not, I would risk losing my livelihood.” It is my understanding that this statement is ultimately true, though a better statement might be that she is obliged to defend her right to license her designs or risk losing those rights and, yes, ultimately her livelihood.

Todd Hensley also has an interesting perspective. I was surprised to read on his blog post that they had admitted being wrong and tried to work something out with Ms. Spain when the issue was identified.

I think that the parties came to an equitable agreement and am glad the resolution didn’t seem to involve too many lawyers. However, if I had been directing traffic, I would have told them all to keep their mouths shut, and leave the PR statements to explain everything.

If you want some info about copyright, check the website law librarians rely on for their own purposes, There was a great post recently called Copyright Facts for Librarians. I don’t think anyone will hit you if you are not a librarian and read it. πŸ˜‰ The article starts off with “6 essential facts for librarians…”.

The overarching message of all of this seems to be to give credit where credit is due. I would urge all of you, regardless of whether you have a quilt business or not to give credit where it would be a nice thing to do – on your blog, on your quilt label, in forum postings, etc.

Around the Web
Quiltville‘s Bonnie K. Hunter interviewed Simon Beck about his snow designs that look like embroidery.

Jane Davila has a great idea to gain additional space in her workroom. I have seen the clipboard idea in Libby Lehman’s studio (via The Quilt Show – great episode, you should watch it), but read through Jane’s post and see how she made the clipboards pretty. I would take a few of those if anyone was giving them away. Or perhaps I can make some as gifts? Hhmmm.

You can join the ArtQuiltmaker page on FB, if you want.

I had no idea this Jane Pizar quilt was all the rage on the Internet. If Barbara Brackman says so, it must be true. It is from 1860 and was, in my quick Internet look (note that I do not say research), her marriage quilt. As an added bonus, Ms. Brackman talks about the age and the prints in her blog post, citing to other quilts as well. A real eye candy fest! It looks very intricate. I can see myself making one with a group of friends also making versions of their own. Is this the new Dear Jane?

Blog Problems
You may have noticed, if you use Google Reader, that intermittently it looks like I am trying to sell you P-r-e-d-n-i-s-o-n-e (trying to avoid more spam with my weird spelling) or some other crazy drug. Have no fear, I have not sold out to The Spam Man, but I have been having trouble with Google Reader replacing information in my blog posts. I am trying to ferret out the problem with the help of some fabulously tenacious people. One of the things I am doing is deleting widgets and replacing buttons with static images. I apologize to all who link to other sites from my buttons, but I have to try and eliminate all possible ways of infiltrating the site. If you see a problem on a certain day, especially if it is NOT via Google Reader, I would really appreciate a screen shot and some commentary about what you were doing. If you need a WordPress programmer who can talk to people, please let me know and I can give you a name.

Other, etc

I have created a Flickr Group for the EBHQ show I attended a few weeks ago.

I wrote for the SeamUp blog last week. It is a post called Future Quiltmaking: Guesses and Reality.

I entered the Modern Quilt Showcase and was disappointed not to get in. If you didn’t see my self pity and whining on FB, count yourself lucky. I was disappointed, because one of the few times I can get my act together to enter, I get rejected. I know it is a numbers game and I need to enter way more than once a year! I was also disappointed, because I thought the two quilts I entered, Chocolate Box and the Zig Zaggy Quilt, were both modern and innovative. After buying two books πŸ˜‰ and calming down a bit I realized that it could have been anything – poorly written application, crappy photos, wrong look and feel. Until I see the quilts that were chosen I can’t say really whether mine would have fit in. It was really nice of some of you readers to take the time to tell me their thoughts and to make an effort to boost my morale. Thanks.

Completely not Quilt Related

Unless you listen to audiobooks while you are sewing. J.K. Rowling has finally gotten the Pottermore store up and running so you can the Harry Potter series in audiobook format now. And eBook format. I really like listening to audiobooks. I get a different experience. I am annoyed about having to go through a different site, though. I want everything to play nicely together and I have a feeling the audiobooks from Pottermore won’t. I hope I am wrong.