Zeus & Athena Revised

Wonky 9 Patch Sewn
Wonky 9 Patch Sewn

I really like this quilt.

I love the blue and orange together. Complements, what could be better? In addition, the orange just makes me happy.

I am trying to think of whether or not I have used this much orange in a quilt before. Looking at my orange scrap drawer, I would say no.

The other interesting thing, which I always find when working with a monochromatic palette, is how different, in this case, the oranges are. Some are peachy, some are more red, some have a pink tinge. There were a few prints (my man Philip Jacobs!) with browns. It is so interesting to me how those browns took on more of an orange cast when used withe oranges.

I know you can also see that some are multi-colored and so non-orange colors show up as well. I think those add some interest.

More Wonky Blocks
More Wonky Blocks

I decided to make the Wonky 9 Patch a bit larger. As I said before, the problem is the blue. TFQ said she may have some of the blue, so I sent her a swatch.

I made more of the blocks, so I am ready. One thing I did differently was press the seams open. It made cutting the blocks much easier.

I decided not to sew the one new row to the rest of the quilt, though I did consider it, if for no other reason than to make progress.

Now I am just waiting with my fingers crossed.