Various & Sundry 2013 #9

Fabric and Tools

Did you see the mini-tutorial that Carole wrote about building an extension table? The super clever part is that she put it up on Flickr!

The Intrepid Thread has dangerous new fabric club options for you. You can grow your stash by leaps and bounds.

Deanna is shedding for different reasons, but I am feeling this urge to lighten the load as well. Piles are making me crazy and I am sewing quick things move fabric along the pipeline to make space for newer fabric so I can see it. I am thinking about it and trying anyway.

A recent Timeless Treasures blog post starts off with the line, “Basics are the backbone of the quilting world.” The post goes on to highlight the different types of ‘solids’ TT makes. It is an interesting post on a lot of levels. First, it is visually appealing and encourages the reader to look at the typical view  of a solid fabric and expand on it. It also makes me think back to the Dark Ages when I started making quilts. The Cotton Patch had a whole room full of solids. I think they were there because the bold graphic quality of Amish quilts was so popular. In the mid-late 1990s, solids virtually disappeared from LQS shelves. Now they are back and ‘modern.’ Everything old is new again?

Have you been hearing about ice dyeing on Sandy’s podcast? Here are some great photos of Friend Julie’s fabulous ice dyeing experiments.

There is an interesting discussion going on the Sew Sweetness site about using patterns/books you actually buy to make a project. Sara gifts her patterns and books after she makes the item once (probably not for books) and says she is a process person. I use my books for inspiration for the most part, though I usually do intend to get inspired to make something from each book I buy even if it is not that exact project. For example I have a number of books about antique quilts. They are not project books, but I get inspired by them and may make a block or use a setting from them in a new and different way.

Patterns are a completely different story. If I buy a pattern, and I really try not to except for bags, I intend to make it. I have a number of bag patterns that are lined up waiting to be made, because I am still so enamoured with quiltmaking and there just aren’t enough hours in the day. What do you think? This topic might require more thought and a longer post.

Creativity and Inspiration

Lil Sissy pointed me to an article about creative people. Perhaps this will help you understand me better?

Danny Gregory talks about those evil voices in your mind telling you you are not smart enough, pretty enough etc in a recent blog post. He calls them the monkeys who are holding you back. It is a really good blog post and funny, too. He writes “… holding us back. Your shrink will tell you that we just have to realize that those monkey ghosts are only alive become [sic] we resuscitate them. You can defeat the specters by making stuff, by asserting your talent, by ignoring the grey-bearded monkey ghosts rehashing childhood bullshit. Want to relive an ancient drama? Read Hamlet.” He brings in a lot of interesting things to illustrate his point including The Exorcist, cells not to mention Hamlet. Get rid of those ancient wounds! Worth a read.

By the way, you are smart enough AND pretty enough! 😉

Need to exercise? Can’t get out of your chair because you are too busy sewing? Try the Quiltmaker’s Shuffle! Now there’s even a video to help you learn the steps.

Some thoughts on a well done quilt.

I really like the predominantly pink and yellow color combinations in this post about antique quilts.

If you are in need of some inspiration, take a look a Friend Julie’s photos of Death Valley. And this is not a place with the tarot death of transformation meaning. In Death Valley, follow the rules or be dead. Just saying. The pictures are amazing, though.

Have you seen the Packwood House quilts? The pink, olive and black one towards the bottom of the post is really intriguing! Interesting color combination.


See the San Mateo County Fair photos, including the ones you have already seen. 😉

Sara at Sew Sweetness has a new bag out, the Lapin Noir bag. Take a look. It is available for download. The first example on her site is just in my colors! I also like the one in Joel Dewberry fabrics.


If you are heading to NYC,or live there, here is a list places that sound fabulous to visit. You can relax at several after visiting City Quilter and Purl Patchwork.

Did I point you to this quilt? TFQ wrote it when I was ruminating about how old some of my projects were as I, once again, reviewed the 26 Projects list. I remember reading it and thinking I needed to tell you about it, but I can’t find it on the blog. She wins on the geezer quilt front every time with no quibble from me. She has been quiltmaking longer and sewing even longer.

Weeks Ringle goes to the Shipshewana Quilt Festival in Indiana and writes a heartfelt blog post about it. she includes some commentary on a service project some young Amish people were doing and the converse in her neighborhood. I really like it, especially this quote “I admitted to myself that the pressures of my life have shifted my focus and that I need to shift it back. Like those disciplined horses unbothered by 18-wheelers, I need to not succumb to the pressures of modern life that I don’t or shouldn’t truly care about.” I love her writing, so, perhaps, I am biased?

On the Web

Here are some more reflections of Quilt Market 2013 by Diana at Pink Chalk. You need some fabric, too, right?

Jane Davila is getting a new studio. She has some photos up on her blog showing the beautiful light and windows. The fabulous part is that she will be starting a mentor program for artists. She writes great articles for various magazines about the business of art and I see this as a great extension. I wish I lived close enough to sign up. I hope those of you in the area will take advantage.