Design Wall Monday

Design Wall 11/3/2014
Design Wall 11/3/2014

My design wall is shockingly similar to the last time.

Fewer octagons.

Similar black and grey donation blocks.

If you zoom in, you can see the beginnings of the Modified Garden of Eden blocks I started after we went to PIQF. You have to zoom in, because all you can see are some grey triangles that are similar in color to my design wall.

I finished filling in the space for the FOTY 2014 blocks, which you will hear more about later this week.

Red and turquoise four patches are pretty much the same. I am in desperate need of some turquoise squares, which is kind of shocking since there is no shortage of turquoise in this place.

I really should do a What’s on the Design Floor, because all of my half baked projects are on the floor right now. I really have to get those octagons and the Russian Rubix out of my life.

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