DWM- Thanksgiving Week 2014

I have been sewing a little, but it feels like I have been riding a stationary bike: sewing for hours and not going anywhere. I need to change that and finish something. I know I shouldn’t be product oriented, but sometimes finishing something big gives the ego a good boost.

Thanksgiving Design Wall
Thanksgiving Design Wall

The design wall looks different than last week, though I am sure you can see the similarities. As you can see, the design wall is packed. I kind of sewed everything that wasn’t already sewn down and threw it up on the wall.

1. Two hot color four patches that I thought I would use as the beginning of a quilt, but haven’t done anything with yet.

2. Red and turquoise four patches. I made one additional since last week.

3. Completed red and turquoise four patches. The most recent one is on the top.

4. BAMQG donation blocks. I made them using leaders and enders. Aren’t they cheerful?

5. Same FOTY rectangles as last week. I am looking at The Great Unwashed and wondering what fabrics I want to wash and iron so they can be included in FOTY 2014.

6. One Field Day Zipper ‘block’. I cut the patches apart from each other on Saturday and somehow that one ended up on the design wall.

7. Russian Rubix Octagons. I still have a few blocks to make for the border, so I still may need some of the octagons. I am not sure if I will use all of these in the Russian Rubix quilt or if they will be part of the Snowball/9 Patch quilt I have in mind. Since the border is nearing the end, I will know pretty soon.

8. Black & Grey Teenaged Boy Donation blocks and I happen to be using them for rewriting my chunking tutorial.

9. PIQF Crosses. I think TFQ and I will probably abandon this project, but I had so many pieces cut that I decided to work on sewing them. I may give the blocks to the guild as donation blocks or I could put them together as the center of a donation quilt or I could make a pillow.

10. City Sampler block n.31. Bleah. It went together like a log cabin and I am not very happy with the way it turned out.

So the process continues…


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