Various & Sundry #5 – Mid-April

Stay tuned for a special event coming on the blog on May 9.

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I finally found instructions for the folded Starburst Wreath. I made a large one a long time ago with a friend and several smaller ones as gifts thereafter, but time goes by and I sewed more than I folded. I kept looking at the large one I have in my workroom and decided I wanted to make another one. I am no longer able to contact the friend, so I started looking on the web. My first search terms were not finding what I needed and I gave up, but the other morning I tried again on Pinterest. After a couple of tries, I was successful and now have the directions again. Hooray!!! Look for some folded paper stars coming to a blog near you!

Other Artists
I love the pattern/block design Bonnie Hunter showed on Instagram recently for Four Patches. These aren’t my colors, but I can easily imagine it in brighter colors.

SherriD reviews a recipe on her blog for a breakfast treat. The review was really great and made me think of quiltmaking patterns and how some of us need more direction in our patterns than others.

Patterns, Magazines, Books & Projects
If you have been following along with the Twilter Round Robin, you will be interested in Molly’s finished-or almost finished- top. I also love the word Rosevale which is mentioned on her blog. It reminds me of Anne’s, of Anne of Green Gables, imagination.

I just love this chicken imagery. I am not much of a chicken-as-decorative-image person, but this one is bright and cheerful.

Exhibits, Tutorials and Events
Quilting Daily had an article about using MistyFuse.

Jolly Jabber update: English Paper Piecing with Jen Kingwell

Not Fade Away: Sharing Quilt Stories in the Digital Age is a two-day conference presented by the nonprofit Quilt Alliance. This biennnial educational event is for all who care about documenting, preserving and sharing the stories of quilts and their makers. Come meet filmmakers, artists, curators, historians, educators and fellow quilt afficionados. Enjoy a power-packed weekend of learning, socializing and sharing at the Not Fade Away Conference in conjunction with the Sacred Threads Exhibition in our shared venue, Floris United Methodist Church in Herndon, Virginia. ”

I wonder if this applies to the general quiltmaker, someone like you who just makes quilts?

Not Fade Away Conference tickets are now on sale.

Judy Martin will be giving the keynote address at this June’s NQA show in Little Rock, Arkansas. She says she has long had respect for the National Quilting Association and all they do to promote quilting. You can read more about the show and the NQA at  In addition to the keynote address, she’ll also be doing a lecture the next day.

July 17-18 in Floris United Methodist Church in Herndon, Virginia and take a look at the full information.

The International Quilt Study Center & Museum’s April 2015 Quilt of the Month is Hexagon Mosaic by Grace McCance Snyder. One of Nebraska’s most famous quiltmakers, Snyder has been recognized for the technical complexity and quality of her quilts.

Kathy Matthews put up a Double Churn Dash block tutorial. Those tiny Churn Dashes are pretty cute!

Websites, Articles and Information
Quilting Focus is a new website for quiltmakers in NZ. Our own, Ms. Lottie of The Slightly Mad Quilt Lady fame is one of the teachers (owners??).

Article about Why Thread Matters from Jillily Studios.

Judy Martin and her husband Steve Bennett were interviewed about their game, Quilt Show. Have you played it? You can buy the game directly from their website.

Need standard bed sizes?

I found a more definitive article on Jenny Doan. Yes, I am fascinated!

Want to read about <sniff> the downfall of Etsy?

Fabric, Tools, Supplies & Embellishments

Perhaps you have the Apple watch on your ‘must have’ list. Not me as I cannot see the screen, but if you are on the fence, take a look at the quiltmaker’s version. I don’t know if it means anything that it was posted on April 1, 2015….

Kitty has some brief reviews of apps to help you draft quilt blocks.

I have been thinking about tools lately. I have had a number of my tools since I started quilting back in the Dark Ages. My mat is most on my mind. With these thoughts swirling around my mind, I came across this article about ruler inaccuracy from the Badass Quilters Society.

I was VERY disappointed in the recent Jo-ann fabric Daffodil Dash. I was so excited to get some 50% off coupons and it turned out I was unable to use any of them. Everything I wanted and needed was already on sale for a much lower percentage off. I guess the coupon did the job, because it got me in the store and I did buy a few things, but not everything. I have always been skeptical of Jo-ann’s coupons and their real value, but I have been sucked in recently. I am back on the skepticism bandwagon.