Wacky Weekend Work

Wacky probably isn’t a good way to describe the sewing I did over the weekend, but the alliteration is good. I was working on finishing things and didn’t work on one particular project. I worked on many. I finished two Christmas gift projects (look for posts next week) and was doing some making that was for fishing up projects.

It sounds boring, but it was really good for me. I felt like I was clearing the decks and really getting projects off my list and making space in my head for new projects. Or other projects to finish.

The Great Unwashed - washed
The Great Unwashed – washed

First, I washed a bunch of fabric. I wanted some of it for some squares and additions to projects, so I washed two loads. See that Philip Jacobs print? Don’t you love it? 😉

One load I washed was lights so I could cut some squares for a couple of projects. As a result, I was able to add to my collection of squares and rectangles for FOTY 2015, the Stepping Stones project and add some fabrics to the most recent Carpenter’s Wheel block.

Carpenter's Wheel #7
Carpenter’s Wheel #7

The Carpenter’s Wheel block has been sitting on the design wall half assembled for awhile. I now have enough pieces to start sewing it together, but I am not 100% sure I like that orange center. I am afraid it looks like a big hole.

I made the binding for the Black and Red Improv quilt. I will send that off to Colleen so she can apply it to the quilt when she returns from her holiday travels. That was a huge load off my mind.

I also made several pairs of Flying Geese units for the swap with TFQ. I needed to beef up my supply, though I am afraid I have too many pieces and parts and the swap will end before I run through them.

All in all, I think Sunday was exceptionally productive. I felt good to be sewing.