December To Do List

I really did make a lot of progress, so I just had to post and crow a bit.

  1. Quilt Christmas table runner
  2. Wash fabric AKA The Great Unwashed-I didn’t wash anything recently, but I have been pressing.
  3. Cut out Anna Maria Horner Multi-tasker tote
  4. Finish sewing Anna Maria Horner Multi-tasker tote -this was a gift I intended to give during Holiday 2013- sigh. Missed 2014 Holiday deadline as well. The bucket part of the bag is done and I just have to add the straps.
  5. Cut out 3 notepad covers for gifts
  6. Finish cutting out Day in the Park backpack variation
  7. Finish cutting out 3rd Petrillo bag
  8. Sew Bon Appetit apron
  9. Cut out Art supplies Sew Together Bag
  10. Sew Art supplies Sew Together Bag
  11. Cut out Art supplies pincushion
  12. Sew Art supplies pincushion
  13. Cut out Purple Sew Together Bag
  14. Sew Purple Sew Together Bag
  15. Cut out Purple pincushion
  16. Sew purple pincushion
  17. Cut out Thanksgiving tablerunner #1
  18. Cut out Thanksgiving tablerunner #2
  19. Cut out Thanksgiving tablerunner #3
  20. Cut out Thanksgiving table mat
  21. **ATCs for CQFA December meeting

**New this time

I did break up some of the steps into cut and sew, which seems to have made the list longer not shorter. Still, it will be better in terms of crossing things off.

To see the 26 Projects Lists, which list quilt WIPS, visit the October 26 Projects update. October’s To Do List has a couple of changes, which is heartening.

Done in 2015:

  • Make stiff bucket or box for TP in second bath
  • Christmas pillowcases
  • 3 Christmas pillowcases (from May list)
  • ATCs for CQFA January Meeting
  • Make binding for Pink T Quilt
  • Make two bags for gifts (January list)
  • Make stiff bucket or box for TP in main bath
  • **More Christmas Pillowcases
  • **ATCs for CQFA October meeting


  • ATCs for CQFA April Meeting – I think I was sick or skipped this meeting for some reason
  • Fix button on DH’s California shirt – he decided it was fine