Various & Sundry 2016 #3

Projects, Patterns & Tutorials

Baker Bag from Sew Sweetness. This is a basic zippered, over-the-shoulder bag with a few pockets inside.

I was reminded of the Noodlehead Trail tote. The look isn’t one of my favorites, but Cheryl uses one constantly and I know she loves it.

The Sawyer Bag directions are listed on the Sew Sweetness website. This bag has a couple of hardware loops, but is another basic bag.

The Reversible Box Tote is good for taking along a small knitting project or some quiltmaking handwork. These bags were made for the last BAMQG Retreat and Angela was making some at the CQFA Retreat. They are cool looking and I want to try to make one.

Basic Bucket Tote has a good shape and reminds me of the One Hour Basket, but with longer handles. Another one in which to carry your lunch and reading material on the way to work. I also want to try to make this one.

The Alice Shopper tote has a really interesting handle.

The Laney Reversible Hobo Bag is smallish, but might be good for a lunch bag or small project. Since it is reversible you can put double your favorite fabrics on it!

I am not a big fan of the name of this tote, but perhaps it will make a comeback because of the name. I do like the look of the Ethel tote and think it looks like a useful size and shape. There were no pictures of the inside, so I can’t say if there were pockets or dividers. It was free on Craftsy when I looked.

Thanks to Kathleen for the bag pattern links!

Want some free paper piecing patterns? Super cool patterns? Wombat Quilts has posted some free paper piecing patterns and she has used awesome fabric combinations for the examples. I am not sure why one would need to paper piece all of these patterns, but to each her own. Again, the examples look really good so go forth and make some blocks.

Daisy has posted her latest Outlander Stitch-a-Long pattern. She posts them at the beginning of each month and you can find them all on Craftsy. Check her blog at the beginning of each month for new blocks.

Quiltmaking definitely runs in the Martin/Bennett family. Will Bennett, Judy Martin’s son has a quilt pattern in Quiltmaker magazine, the March/April 2016 issue. It is listed as challenging, which means that if you don’t want to use paper foundation piecing, you need to check out my tutorial on set in seams. 😉

I kind of like this quilt block. It has that lozenge shape again, which I will have to get out of my system at some point.

Tips & Tricks

As you know I am doing an EPP quilt. I saw this suggestion for sewing the pieces together. I tried it when I was adding a big line of stars to the main piece and the stitching was invisible. Nice!

The above tip was for use with The La Passacaglia Quilt, which the Love of Patchwork & Quilting magazine talks about on their blog. This quilt comes from the book Millefiori Quilts by Willyne Hammerstein. (She has also written Millefiori Quilts 2). This quilt and the style of EPP have become a sensation. Love of Patchwork & Quilting writes “We can’t pinpoint one reason why it’s taken off. At a guess, the blend of precision piecing, geometric shapes and intricate kaleidoscopic fussy cutting, combined with the irregular composition, dizzying rosettes and frankly epic scale of the whole project is a heady cocktail guaranteed to take any English Paper Piecing addict to seventh heaven. Here are just a few of the bloggers who have caught the bug!

• Flossie Teacakes
Mommy By Day, Crafter By Night
Lilabelle Lane
The Little Red Hen
A Life in Lists
Sew What Sherlock (includes the coolest stop motion animation videos!)

Take a look at the quilt and what the other artists have done and tell me what you think. I know a lot of it has to do with the fabric. If I weren’t doing my own EPP project, I might take this on.

Other Artists

If you haven’t seen Pam’s Harry Potter/ Hogwarts quilt, you have to go look at it. It is completely amazing. I enjoyed following along via her podcast during last year as she made it, but the finished object is an incredible feat of quiltmaking.

Libby Lehman is quilting again. Read the February 3, 2016 TQS daily blog to find out about her progress.

Yvonne Porcella died earlier this week after a long battle with cancer. She consistently had a bright and cheerful style that I always admired. TQS has a video about her life and style.


From ResearchBuzz: “18 New York museums had a big Instagram swap day. “Today 18 of New York City’s biggest museums are repping one another’s collections on their Instagram accounts. For 24 hours, each institution will be posting images taken at a partner museum, to draw parallels between the two institutions’ themes and exhibitions.” Cool idea.” Can you do this with your quilt friends?

Fabric, Gifts & Supplies

I didn’t know Tanya had an Etsy Shop. I guess I should pay better attention! She has some cute aprons.

I heard about Barney Pens on The Stitch TV Show. They have sewing implements, such as stilettos and seam rippers, as well. All are gorgeous. Great gifts for your friends, not that any of them have to unsew, of course. 😉

My friend Maureen also has an Etsy shop. Check hers out if you need cards or gifts.

Have you tried the Aurifil online color card?

From the Knitting Department: Isn’t this a beautiful object? I love the spiral. The wood makes me want to touch it.

Events & Exhibits

Make it Modern Events is a new events company owned by my pal, Kathleen! The company is hosting an event in Reno in June and the hotel rooms are unbelievably cheap! Less than $50/night. Of course, there are instructors and will be other quiltmakers there. You should go!

There is now a Reno-Tahoe Modern Quilt Guild. Like the page on Facebook (if the link doesn’t work, search on FB. You know how it is!). If you live in the area, get busy helping to set up meetings.

“Quilts with a Sense of Place” article in the New York Times detailing a citywide exhibit of over 100 quilts in Oakland made by the African American Quilter’s Guild of Oakland. You may need a subscription to read it.