Tool Tote Finally

I have been thinking about the Tool Tote a lot lately. Since I finished the Stepping Stones n.2 last week, I thought it was time to work on a bag. I have a lot of bags on my project list and never enough time.

As you may recall, I bought the pattern at QuiltCon from Elk Horn Quilts (great shop, BTW). I took some time several months ago to cut a few pieces at a Sew Day, but hadn’t made any other progress since. It was time to move, so I took out all the pieces and started cutting.

Quilts Illustrated Tool Tote chits
Quilts Illustrated Tool Tote chits

OMG! The Quilts Illustrated pattern was fantastic. You have probably seen the post-it notes I attach to the pieces I cut for bags. This Quilts Illustrated pattern had a sheet of bits of pattern chits included. they were already made!!

These made life so much easier. I took the sheet, cut off the chits as I cut the pieces and when there were no more chits there was no more cutting. I didn’t feel frustrated and exhausted. It was awesome.