Various & Sundry 2023 #5

Posts may be intermittent during the next few weeks. Just some stuff going on and nothing to worry about.


Tula Pink talked about choosing fabric using her new Everglow fabric line in a recent video. It is a great discussion about what fabrics she uses together and why. Listen for ‘pattern first’ quiltmaker and ‘fabric first quiltmaker’. Which are you?

Projects, Classes, Patterns & Tutorials

Polka Dot Chair’s posts show up in my Google Feed most days. The other day I saw a needle tutorial and guide. The YM recently received a sewing machine, a Janome HD 1000BE**, as a gift and I have been feeding him bits of information. Check out the printable guide.

I like the way the Polka Dot Chair tutorials are arranged. Very appealing.

I decided to make a hat for a trip we are taking in the summer. That meant going to the web and searching for different hat patterns. One pattern is from Spruce Crafts. It has a very large brim, which I like. Another is from Heather Handmade. This is also a pattern with a large brim. It also shows you how to measure your head and provides a few different sizes of hats. I also found one from Apple Green Cottage. It comes in 5 sizes and it’s free. The pattern says that the brim is just the perfect size for keeping the face from direct sun, however it looks a little small to me. 

At the guild meeting the other week, someone brought in another Jelly Roll Race quilt. This one was a little different. It is called the Exponential quilt. It might be worth a try for those donation quilts you want to make.

I found a chart for calculating continuous bias.

Tools, Books, Fabric, Notions & Supplies

I found this site, 4my3boyz, which has a great number of interesting novelty prints. I don’t buy a lot of novelty prints, but this shop has some that I would buy for pillowcases. She has the Jetson’s and Scooby Doo fabrics as well as Disney Villain fabrics.

I keep seeing different solids pop-up. Recently, I saw that Friend Julie posted some information about Century Solids. A few years ago I saw Northcott solids at QuiltCon in 2016. These are beyond the regular Kona Solids, Pure Elements and Bella Solids. I finally found a source for Northcott solids.

Exhibits & Events

Souls Grown Deep is having an airing of their quilts on October 7, 2023. Join the Gee’s Bend community in this annual celebration of its generations-old quiltmaking tradition, featuring quilt displays and sales, workshops, guided tours, food, music, and more.





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