Bristol Pouch Impulse

I saw this video (Reel?) by Center Street Quilts on IG and was really intrigued by the construction. I was especially interested in the way the bottom is folded before it gets stitched. I decided to try and make one.

Bristol - first fold
Bristol – first fold

I thought I could make it without buying the pattern, but I ended up buying it. She has a second video, which gives more information. If I had seen it before I started, I might have tried harder.

I didn’t really follow the measurements and I used my pre-quilted fabric, so I didn’t use the accent piece either. I also added a holder, though not a leash.

The first thing is to cut a piece large enough. I made that mistake before I had the pattern. If I make this again, I will make the pouch wider. I don’t like how tall it is turning out in relation to the width.

Bristol Pouch in progress
Bristol Pouch in progress

I followed the pattern and eventually got a pouch looking thing.

I used a piece of a zipper that I had leftover from something else. Yes, the end hangs down. That is how it is in the pattern. I don’t know if I would do that again, but it does avoid dealing with a zipper along the top edge where there is also a bound [formerly] raw side seam.

I put the zipper head on wrong and eventually had to cut off the zipper tab and redo it. Will I learn to pay attention to details like that? I don’t know. I was inspired to use this piece of a zipper by the box of Sew Hungry Hippie zippers in cool colors that I ordered.

It took me awhile to get this far. I could probably do it faster next time.