Lost and Found Blocks pt.2

As mentioned when I talked about the lost and found  Baltimore Album Quilt blocks, I found several other blocks as well.

Lost & Found: New York Beauty
Lost & Found: New York Beauty

This is a New York Beauty block. The spikes are pretty thin. I think I was going through a New York Beauty stage. It was probably around the time that Karen K. Stone’s pattern came out. I see to recall taking a class from her or about NYBs.

I love the way I used the ombre behind the spikes. I think that my fabric choices were not at all subdued!

Lost & Found: New York Beauty #2
Lost & Found: New York Beauty #2

This second block has much skinnier spikes. I might be able to include it in the Handbag Sampler, though there is already a NYB using more of the fabrics.

I really like the layers of spikes as well. Perhaps these two blocks are the start of a New York Beauty quilt? A sampler of New York Beauties?

I almost gave these away, but stopped myself. I wanted to contemplate them. Now I am thinking of making something with them.

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