Cane Chain

I had a key chain hardware kit that has been in my hardware bag for a long time. I was with my Mom the other week and she kept dropping her cane, then struggling to pick it up off the ground. I saw that it had a place for a ring or key chain. The two pieces of the puzzle clicked together in my mind and I made her a key ring that she can use as a ‘cane chain’.

Cane Chain for Mom
Cane Chain for Mom

I had everything necessary to make it on hand.

I used a piece of Pink Sands webbing**, and the Dritz key fob hardware kit** as well as some Renaissance Ribbon** leftover from Who Am I? It was a very quick project.

The webbing was slick and I couldn’t get the ribbon embellishment to stay in place. I think using a cotton webbing (or strapping) would have alleviated that problem, but I used what I had on hand and Mom didn’t mind. I could have also glued it in place. That can be difficult with a textured surface like polyester webbing, but it is doable, especially for a temporary hold. Lessons learned for next time.










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