FOTY Progress

I sat down today and sewed together all of the FOTY pieces I had cut. I had two batches from a number of sources. The one belowwas from my Memorial Day Weekend travels. The rest of the fabric was from a rip or wo to new Pieces, the fabric I bought while TFQ was here for EBHQ in April and miscellaneous online orders.

The above batch is much more cheerful than the group below.
Now I am only behind on the fabric I bought in Seattle over the weekend. At least it is washed.

PS I don’t know what is going on with the size of my photos. Ever since I got the new version of Photoshop Elements, I can’t adjust the size like I used to be able to in Photoshop Elements 3.0. I may have to breakdown and buy the book THEN go through it. I’ll work through. Thanks for your understanding.

New Online Fabrics

Some of the fabrics came from eQuilter. Once again I was annoyed to see that I already have the pink dots. Something about their site makes the fabric look different. Oh well, at least it isn’t brown. I can use the pink, but I would like to get something new for a change. The Basix dots on the bottom are just replacements for fabrics I have almost used up. I need to get back to those Pineapples.

Additional Seattle Fabrics

TFQ and I went to Angie’s AKA the Quilting Loft. We both made a beeline for the bolts of dots (upper lefthand corner above) when we saw them. Neither of us had seen them before. The mags are mostly patterns, but I am feeling the need to soak in quilt-everything. Fast and Fabulous has a fabric box that I might try to make sometime.