Inspiration Thursday: Paint Chips

Paint Chip Sampler
Paint Chip Sampler

Remember Saturday when I talked about picking out paint? Here is a miniscule part of of one of the paint chip displays for two lines of paint. The perfect red, Red Statement is smack in the middle. Poppy and Rapture are on a different display, so no picture, sorry. There is now a second coat of paint on both test areas and Rapture looks like it is winning. At this point I am almost willing to go with anything that is not hideous. Did I tell you we bought some glaze to try out a steel-wool faux finishing technique in out bedroom?

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3 thoughts on “Inspiration Thursday: Paint Chips”

  1. Paint chips sure are fun to browse. Who could resist a second look at all that eye appealing color all neatly arranged in one spot?! My local hardware store has these free pamphlets with different color chips in them combined to illustrate creating different atmospheres in a room by strategic use of color. I grabbed the “tranquil” pamphlet because I liked the color combinations in it. Of course, I was more interested in it as a reference tool from a quilter’s point of view as I don’t intend to paint my walls!
    Your steel wool paint treatment sounds interesting. I hope you follow through with pics!

  2. SherriD: It looks like Benjamin Moore Rapture.
    Beena: I will show some pics of the steel wool treatment. You have to read for a long time as who knows when it will get done? It took 12 years for the living room and dining room and I don’t count the dining room as done yet!

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