Various & Sundry 2023 #12


I updated the series page. I also updated the Works in the Series menu to include a lost page. For some reason the improvisational page was never included in the Gallery of Series quilts. Now it is. I haven’t worked on this series in awhile, but since I finished the Tarts, I have been getting the itch. If I make another of this style of quilt, I WILL NOT quilt it myself.

I also updated the Minikins Series page with some of the new Minikins projects I have sewed recently.

Projects, Classes, Patterns & Tutorials

Sara from Sew Sweetness has a new tutorial for turning a bag into a sling style bag. I have had the Widget bag pattern for awhile . I have even had some fabrics chosen and this tutorial has reignited my enthusiasm for the design.

Bonnie Hunter’s introduction to her winter mystery quilt, Indigo Way, posted the other day.

Tools, Fabric, Notions & Supplies

The Sew Magnetic Cutting System I discussed a month or so ago is now shipping. A recent email from Sew Tites shared some links to unboxing videos. Take a look at the Crafty Gemini video to see what she thinks. Julie of Jaybird Quilts (remember the Sew-a-Long I did?) also demonstrates how to fussy cut her shapes using this new system. I have not bought one of these cutting systems. If you buy me one, I’ll tell you what I think. Unfortunately, this system is larger than my cutting table.

The women at Sew Tites are on fire! They now have an aid for sewing the flatback stitch, which is my favorite stitch for EPP. There is a video that goes with it. I am putting it on my Christmas list. They also, now, have a stand for Sew Tites. I don’t have horizontal space for a stand like this, but I think it is good that they are thinking about organization.

Tula Pink introduced her new fabric collection, Roar! Before I saw it, I thought it was more lions. Nope! It’s dinosaurs. I sent a text to a friend that read “Dinosaurs? Really?” Hey, Tula has magic fabric design fingers, so I am sure the line will be a success. Some of the prints have cameos where the dinosaurs can be seen clearly. In other prints, they are hidden. She includes some interesting border prints in this collection. A number of the background prints can be used in a variety of ways. Pink Door has the Big Bang quilt, which is pretty interesting. The line will be shipping in May 2024.

I had high hopes for this article, Ten Fantastic Places to Donate Excess Quilting Fabric, but the article says they are fantastic and my experience says Meh. These sorts of articles are helpful if you have NO idea, but most of us know that places like the Goodwill and Salvation Army aren’t great with craft supplies. I, personally, don’t know of a Craft focused Goodwill type organization, though there is a place in Berkeley where teachers can go to get supplies. I can’t remember the name. There is also FabMo. Let me know if you know of any other specific places to donate fabric.

Media, Books and Articles

I was kind of surprised at the article on the best sewing machines I saw in Southern Living. I tried to find the criteria they used for evaluating the machines. The closest I could find was “We tested 24 sewing machines in our Lab so you don’t have to. We unpacked, plugged in, threaded, and stitched to come up with this list of the best sewing machines. ” Not much of a description, but they talk about why they liked each machine in the individual sections. At least they talk about Janomes and Jukis. A ‘splurge’ machine at $2000 made me laugh. $2000 is a lot of money, but have they seen the really high end machines?

For you knitters out there, I found a video on how to knit the textured ribbon stitch. I have no idea if I will ever try this stitch, but I liked the look of the video. Let me know if you try it.

Events, Exhibits and Shows

The Oregon Quilt Festival will be held 15-17 February, 2024 at the Oregon State Fairgrounds. The details are:

Show Dates: February 15th – 17th
Show Hours: Thursday and Friday 10AM-5PM, Saturday 10AM-4PM

Columbia Hall
Oregon State Fair & Exposition Center
2330 17th St NE, Salem, OR 97301
(855) 938-1610

Check back for admission prices

This show is coming up SOON! Quiltopia Oregon presents Sew Happy Together! Quilt Show at the Mill. It is a fundraisers for Helping Hands Resources of Oregon.

3-4 November, 10-4
Willamette Heritage Center
Salem, Oregon

I hope some of you will be able to attend and tell me about these shows.

Other Artists

Check out Friend Julie’s efforts at dyeing fabric.

Finished: Take a Stand Bag for Julie (Gift Post #4)

This poor bag’s post has been juggled around for at least two months now.

Julie's Take a Stand Bag
Julie’s Take a Stand Bag

I finished this bag back in May after I finished my Mom’s Take a Stand and before I finished mine. This was originally scheduled to be a gift for Friend Julie’s birthday. That meant I couldn’t show it to you until at least December 2. This state of affairs was terrible enough for me, but then I decided to give her this gift for Christmas and give her the Ultimate Carry All Bag for her birthday. That meant I had to wait. Then our New Year’s plans to go out with Friend Julie and our DHs were postponed, because of terrible weather. It is hard for me to wait to show you what I am making. It is so fun to read what you think. Also, I get to think about what I made when I am writing about it. Anyway, we made it through.

Finally, I gave her this bag over the weekend. I had filled it with a lot of little gifts.

Usually, I choose purple fabrics. Julie and I were out together and she mentioned this fabric, which gave me the idea to make her a bag from it. It won’t exactly go with her other bags because I usually choose a darker purple. I hope she likes it anyway.

Julie's Take a Stand interior
Julie’s Take a Stand interior

I am REALLY pleased with the inside. The fussy cutting came out really well. Also, the construction of the ByAnnie bags means the linings are really taut, which I like.

A happy accident is the lines at the end of the pencil points. The bottom matches up with the sides! The pencil fabric is from Crimson Take and I am really glad it is highlighted.

Julie's Take a Stand front pocket - interior
Julie’s Take a Stand front pocket – interior

I used an old Moda Marbles light purple for the main part of the bag. This is fabric that will mostly be covered. I found that to be true with the APfE v.2 as well, that is that most of the outside is covered by pockets so choosing a tone-on-tone rather than a special fabric makes more sense. This Moda Marbles light purple fabric ties the bag to her other bags.

I used the Tula Pink Scissor ribbon from the Homemade line for the interior of the front and back pockets to cover the zipper join.

Again, I used the Tula Pink webbing for the strap (see above). Mom’s was kind of my test bag so the strap for this one went a lot quicker. I am pleased with how well the webbing color fits with the colors of the bag.

I am still calling this the Without a Trace bag periodically. And I still don’t know why!

2022 Year in Review

2022 blog posts: 364

2022 fabric used: 42 yards net (140 total – if you do the math, you will know how many yards of fabric I bought or was given.)

Finished 2022 Quilt Projects

Finished 2022 Small and Non-Quilt Projects

This category covers bags, toys, aprons and knitting as well as other non-quilt projects.

 Doing Good

Ready for Quilting

Nothing at the moment

In Process or To Make
The ‘In Process’ is used to denote projects on which I am actively working or are on the design wall waiting for me to stitch. I am continuing to try not to put away projects. I find putting a project away ensures I never work on them, because I just lose steam.

Quilts (machine work)

  • Who Am I? – this quilt is now hanging out on my design wall waiting for me to do something to it.

Quilts (Handwork)

I decided that some of my quilts are in a different class because they are hand piecing or embroidery or beading. They take longer. Thus I created a new category and have moved some projects here.

  • Half Hexie Stars Project– I am reignited about this project after working on it at the November Sew Day. I have been working away steadily and can see the light at the end of the tunnel
  • La Passacaglia – I am now working on Month 16.

In the Quilting Process

In the Finishing Process

Small Projects

Most of my progress involves thinking or just cutting.

  • Ultimate Project Organizer – another project from the Crafty Gemini Organizer Club, also on my list, but not yet started
  • Retreat Organizer – another project from the Crafty Gemini Organizer Club, also on my list, but not yet started. Recently, I saw one of these made up and I am not so nervous about it
  • Rose Petrillo bag – I found the pieces for this bag cut out, but not sewn.
  • Superbloom tote using Hindsight fabric – not started

Still UFOs
I still have UFOs. Who doesn’t, after all? A project in the ‘UFO’ category means I am stalled, it hasn’t been worked on in awhile or it is waiting its turn to be worked on. The list is a lot shorter and the projects are newer, for the most part.

I am annoyed that some of these are still WIPs. I just need to work on them!

  1. Handbag Sampler – this is still the forgotten project. It should be on the UFO list. The blocks were teaching samples when I taught a sampler class some time before I started writing the quilt class sampler tutorials. I found one block recently, but otherwise I don’t actually know exactly where the blocks are hiding. I crawled up in the far reaches of my fabric closet to see if I could find them and they weren’t where I thought. I am sort of mystified as to where they could be. I haven’t even found a picture of all the blocks. WTH?
  2. Self Portrait: started in 2006 at a class at Quilting Adventures in Richmond, Virginia. After a brief burst of inspiration, I am stalled on this again. As one of my oldest (I am pretty sure) UFOs, I put it on my blog and out into the Twitterverse and Diane suggested that I not consider this as a self portrait. I think that strategy is a great idea. I am now trying to think of a new persona for her.
  3. Serendipity Lady – I am still planning to take this piece to be framed. It might need a bit of quilting first.
  4. Fabric of the Year 2020
  5. Fabric of the Year 2021 – I may combine 2020 and 2021 into a COVID edition.


2022 Donation Blocks

I started off the year finishing a couple of blocks I had started in 2021. Then I just started making blocks as I had time. I didn’t make as many as in previous years, but as I have said before, every little bit helps, right?

Some Gifts for Me

One of my students invited me over to her house for lunch. It was a fabulous lunch! She is a great cook and I stuffed myself. Both students were there and they got together and got me a wonderful Christmas gift.

Organizer tote box - closed
Organizer tote box – closed

The wrapping was definitely professional, but the gifts were what I really enjoyed. First the whole thing was ‘wrapped’ in a organizer tote box.

It has four levels and they clip together so I can carry it somewhere. The levels can be completely taken apart or one can be taken off, leaving the other three clipped together.

Organizer tote box - top level
Organizer tote box – top level

In my lucky case, each level was filled with fun surprises. The first level held thread and some of those new(ish) zippers with the round pulls. The colors are super fun – neon green and neon orange. The other two have two colors – one color for the zipper tape and another color for the zipper. I have seen people using those zippers, but have never bought them. Now I can try them out!

Organizer tote box - level 2
Organizer tote box – level 2

The second level held items I can use for bag making plus some embroidery floss and a small bracelet made by Carrie. They also included a guide for my machine. It will be very useful when I need to sew a quarter inch seam, but also want to use a foot other than my quarter inch foot. I’ll also be able to easily measure 3/8″ when sewing bag linings. Can’t wait to try that. The two things that require no testing are the washaway tape and the machine needles. I can always use more of both of those!

Organizer tote box - 2d level
Organizer tote box – 2d level

The third level held journals! They are similar to my favorite Leuchtturm journals** but a little different. Also, they are blank. I haven’t used blank journals in years. I like the Leuchtturm gridded journals, because I can draw quilt blocks in them. Recently I have used a ruled Leuchtturm journal** and a Miquelrius gridded journals**, so I am flexible. I am almost out of Leuchtturm journals, so I will definitely use these.

Organizer tote box - bottom level
Organizer tote box – bottom level

The bottom level held a fun sewing t-shirt and a box of Wayne Thiebaud cards. OMG! The cards have some of my favorite WT images. Sadly, I forgot to take a photo of the t-shirt, but it has a rainbow colored heart monitor with a sewing machine and a pair of scissors. It is really fun.

I was so overwhelmed when I saw this gift. It is such a generous array of items. i was really grateful to them.






**Obviously, you should shop at local quilt shops. However, if you are too busy or can’t find what you need at quilt shops, I use affiliate links and may be paid for your purchase of an item when you click on an item’s link in my post. There is no additional cost to you for clicking or purchasing items I recommend. I appreciate your clicks and purchases as it helps support this blog.

Gift Post #4: Project Bag for Julie

Julie's Project Bag
Julie’s Project Bag

Yes, another bag as a gift for Julie. I actually finished this in September, but couldn’t show it until now, after it was presented.

I chuckled to myself as I cut out the bag at Super Sew Day right under Julie’s nose! She may have noticed the fabric, but I just didn’t make a big deal out of it.

I didn’t have a good sense of how large these bags would be. I hope this one isn’t too small. It will work for a bag or accessory project for sure, but probably not for a large quilt project. Julie doesn’t knit or crochet, but she does have embroidery projects and this will work for one of those as well.

It is, as I may have mentioned, a fairly easy project. I think the ByAnnie patterns seem overly complicated sometimes. The directions are very complete and I have grown attached to the binding instructions, but in general I think they seem overly complicated.

Gift Post #3: Percheron Pouch

Percheron Pouch for Kim
Percheron Pouch for Kim

The Percheron Pouch ended up very well. Despite my despair when I was finishing it, it turned out fine.

Although I am not a fan of brown and beige, I think the brown and beige handbag zippers work with the Paris fabric.

Percheron Pouch: bottom has OdiCoat
Percheron Pouch: bottom has OdiCoat

There is a little bit of turquoise in the fabric to liven up the bag. I fussy cut the top so that the Paris motif shows, which means that most of the turquoise is on the bottom.

I was also able to fussy cut -sort of- the Paris motif on the back panel. The back panel makes up the hinge assembly for this bag.

As you might remember, I put Odicoat on the bottom to help keep the bag clean. You can’t really tell that there is anything on the bottom.

I chose a dusty turquoise for the inside or lining fabric. The lining is a little baggy so I need to work on that on the next one. Without putting Odicoat on the inside I am not sure how I would use one of these. I’ll have to think about it since I may want to make another for myself.

I still plan to make another since I figured out why the thing was so hard to put together – and I want to get it right. This is an interesting bag and I think it makes a great gift.

Gift Post #2: Project Bag for Mom

Mom's Project Bag
Mom’s Project Bag

I made a bunch of these project bags as Christmas gifts. Here is one I made for Mom.

Of course, I used the paint tube fabric. I still have a lot of it, so there are more bags in Mom’s future. The ByAnnie pattern** includes four sizes. This is the large size, but I don’t think it is very large. It is about half again as wide and tall as a sheet of notebook paper.

Mom's project bag back
Mom’s project bag back

I was kind of surprised at the size, actually, though I do have issues with understanding how big something is in real life when I look at an image online or check dimensions. If I had known the size, I would have made the extra large, which is also included in the pattern.

I am not sure I’ll make this pattern again. While it wasn’t difficult, once the quilting was done, I am not sure it is useful. There is no gusset, so how much stuff could actually fit? I don’t know. I haven’t tried one. Maybe for EPP pieces?

Two project bags for Mom
Two project bags for Mom

I hope these are useful despite the size. My Mom always finds good uses for the bags I make her.













**Obviously, you should shop at local quilt shops. However, if you are too busy or can’t find what you need at quilt shops, I use affiliate links and may be paid for your purchase of an item when you click on an item’s link in my post. There is no additional cost to you for clicking or purchasing items I recommend. I appreciate your clicks and purchases as it helps support this blog.

La Pass M16 More Pieces

Pentagons for La Pass M16
Pentagons for La Pass M16

As mentioned the other day, I had cut only enough pieces for one (of three!) Month 16 rosettes. The M16 process is taking me forever. I cut and basted at Sew Day, but I guess I didn’t make as much progress as I thought. I was cranky and irritable that day.

Or it feels like it is. The other day, I left work at 4 and started cutting and basting.

M16 Rosette #1 fussy cutting detail
M16 Rosette #1 fussy cutting detail

I used the same fussy cutting layout for the pink rosette as I did for the blue part of Rosette #1. I like how the blue one looks and hope the pink one will look similar.

I also didn’t use the snake heads for the green rosette. I used the fabric, but cut the flowers out of it and avoided the snakes. Apparently, insects are ok, but snakes are categorized with animal heads in my quiltmaking mind.

I also rearranged the colors quite a bit. One of the remaining M16 rosettes will have more spikes.

Minikins Season Three Projects

After writing about the Hackney on Sunday, I looked back at the patterns I have made from Minikins Season Three* and decided I wanted to see them all together. The Minikins patterns are bundles (12ish different patterns) of small project patterns from Sew Sweetness. So far, I have purchased all three bundles.

Here are the projects I have made from Minikins Season 3 patterns:

It’s kind of fun to see them all together, isn’t it? Not sure the designs really have a theme, but it doesn’t matter.

I haven’t made all the patterns, but I will some day. they make great gifts and I am constantly thinking of new ways to use the designs and new people to whom to gift them. People in the Sew Sweetness group complain that they don’t want all the patterns and want to buy them singly. I think they should just shutup and let Sara run her business the way she wants.

Check out the full Minikins page.

*no affiliation, just a happy customer 

Finished M16 Rosette

La Pass: M16 Rosette #1
La Pass: M16 Rosette #1

I finally finished the first rosette for Month 16. This month feels like it is taking forever and I haven’t even started writing the New Years cards, which take up a ton of after dinner time.

I am pretty pleased with the blue parts of this rosette. As I said before, the dark blue and the turquoise batik look GREAT.

I had to cut more pieces. On Sew Day, I only cut pieces for this one section and that took up some time in the evening the other night. The next rosette is in process and I will, with luck, have a progress report soon.

Another Hackney

Green Hackney parts
Green Hackney parts

I liked the first Hackney so much that I started another one. I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the first one and wanted to try again.

This is another large size.

I also plan to put a handle on the end, like someone did in the Sew Sweetness group. Right now I am trying to figure out WHEN to put it on. I have asked the question in a couple of different ways, but think I need to get all the pieces out and try out what they said. Theoretically I am not understanding.

Green Hackney gusset
Green Hackney gusset

The second one has been going faster than the first one. That is one of the reasons I made the second one right away.

The zipper on this one looks brown, but it is kind of a browny-olive. Not a very attractive color, but I didn’t have a better one.

I think the outside and lining fabrics look good.

More Advent

Advent Label Assortment
Advent Label Assortment

I have been excited to the the labels I get in my Advent Calendar. They are super fun and I am really looking forward to using them.

I think it might be easiest to use them in bags. However, one says “I keep you warm” so that will definitely have to go on a quilt.

I might have to match bag fabric to the neon yellow label with the words “mash-up” on it!

Hackney Pouch Almost Finished

Hackney Pouch in process
Hackney Pouch in process

It is so strange to think of these bags as pouches. I really think of pouches as the one zip things like the Cotton Candy Pouch pattern. Still, Sara at Sew Sweetness calls these pouches. She is way more experienced than me.

This is another one of the Minikins Season 3 patterns from Sew Sweetness, like the Percheron and the Piebald Pouch. People tell me it will fit a Switch gaming device, which is why I chose the large size. Also, for my first go round, it is easier to make.

I struggled with not having a free arm on my machine., as I did with the Moto Pouches. I need to think about that and whether it is time to upgrade my machine. I am ready for a fancy machine again, but I am not sure I want to spend the money.

I am planning to make another one of these pouches for a Christmas gift. First, I need a gift and the recipient will appreciate the complexity. Second, I want to try again.

I still need to sew up the lining and fix one problem, but I’ll be able to finish today.