Word of the Day…Again

Or “oh, for heaven’s sake NOT that again”

I might be obsessed with thinking about creativity. I want another WOTD book, but am settling right now for Eric Maisel’s book, The Creativity Book: A Year’s Worth of Inspiration and Guidance. My sister sent it to me and I am making my best effort at it.

One thing that Julie does is pick a word of the year. I heard about this from the Creative Mom Podcast and from other places. I have never been able to settle on a word. OR, more accurately, I have never sat down and given a word for the year enough thought to choose one. I found Ali Edwards word of the year post and thought about it again.

Do you choose a word of the year? If so, what is your word (please post to comments).
If not, do you do something to inspire you every day?

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My One Little Word : Story

For 2010 I have chosen the word STORY.

EDITED: I just came across this really nice free download “Word of the Year Discovery Tool” from blogger Christine Kane. It’s a worksheet for thinking through your word and essentially telling the story of your word. Totally recommended. This is a great action step.

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Valentine’s Tree

Sew4Home Jan 2009
Sew4Home Jan 2009

On FB, I am a fan of Janome Sewing machines. Periodically they post a project from their sister site sew4home. This update included heart sachets displayed on a tree. The concept reminded me of a thought I had where I would decorate my ficus for each holiday. Not sure what I would do for MLK Jr Day or Veteran’s Day. Tiny flags, perhaps.

So far, I haven’t done anything like it and am still working on the napkins for each holiday.

Gift Post #7: Denim Bag

Denim Bag
Denim Bag

This is a denim bag I made out of of an old pair of jeans for my stepdad, The Big Guy. I made one of these in high school that I carried around and embellished. I am not really sure what happened to that bag or whether there are any photos of it anywhere. I stitched around the edges of the pockets with embroidery floss and embroidered flowers on my version.

I wanted to do something like that on this bag, but really ran out of time. I had a lot of gifts to make, as you know.

The shoulder strap is pretty wide. I made it that wide because of the seams and because I thought it might be a little more comfortable for him to carry. The straps will be a good opportunity for him to embellish.

I really had a hard time sewing through the denim and all of the layers in various places. The 9K did NOT like the denim. As a result, I couldn’t do as much topstitching as I normally do on bags. Both of the issues I ran into allowed me to go with the flow, though, and I billed it as a joint work in progress.

The Big Guy is VERY creative. He works in various media including leather. He has made leather slippers before, so I thought the bag might be a good canvas for him to stitch on. He loved the idea! I am looking forward to seeing what he comes up with.