Roc’s Blog – Inspiration from One Heart One World

I think one of Lisa‘s idea’s with One World One Heart was to show off different artists’ work. It worked for me.

I was checking a comment (some of the comments look just like spam – bleah!) on the OWOH post and was taken to Roc’s blog. As you know, I am a wannabe visual journaler and just haven’t quite gotten there yet. Don’t worry, I am not giving up.

I was thrilled to see Roc’s blog, because her visual journaling work is wonderful. I really like the textures and the different imagery she uses.

I think one of my issues with visual journaling is that it looks messy. I know that the actual process is messy and I am not into messy, especially painting and such. However, the pages look messy. There is a lot of stuff on them. I like that look, but it is also keeping me from trying. That sounds like it makes no sense.  I guess I need a therapist to work on that weirdness!

In any case, enjoy Roc’s blog.

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