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Update: 2/15/2010: The contest is closed! Thanks for reading. Check the 2/16/2010 post for the winner! Thanks for playing and come  back and read the blog!

Welcome, new readers and well known readers, to We are participating in One World One Heart, a fun way to get to know new blogs and win prizes! Lisa created this event in 2007. “The original idea behind this giveaway event was to bring bloggers together from around the world who may never ordinarily meet. It closes the gap of the blog community and enables us to interact, discover new and wonderful people, and in the process possibly win a prize or many prizes along the way”, as she says on her blog.

Artquiltmaker Blog is a way for me to share what I am working on with other creative people. I like the idea of this blog being a magazine type information source, so I try to vary the content to include commentary on works in progress, book reviews, media reviews (such as podcasts), Quilt World News, etc. Sometimes I venture outside of quiltmaking to appreciate other artists, different crafts and and report on different events and exhibits I attend. Every week, I put up a creative prompt as a way to spark inspiration and creativity in the community. You can find more information about the creative prompt on the AQ CPP Inspiration page. In the future I would like to include tutorials as well. It is on the list!

At this time there is no money making venture associated with Artquiltmaker. I write in this space because I enjoy writing, love quiltmaking and want to share my creative journey. My hope is that and Artquiltmaker blog will inspire you to be creative and expand your creative horizons.

As part of the One World One Heart Project, I will be giving away at least one prize.

Batik Handbag
Batik Handbag

This is a batik handbag that I made in August, which I will give away to one lucky winner. Depending on the response, I may also give away other prizes. If possible to add prizes, I will update THIS post with other prizes before the deadline. Your comment must be in the comment section of this post. How to enter and things to know about my giveaway:

  1. Leave a comment in the comment section of THIS post on this blog (e.g. NOT on FB or FriendFeed or a reply on Twitter). I would love it if you would comment on something I wrote about on the blog, but any comment will enter you in the drawing. I review all the comments and any spam comments will be deleted and not count as part of the drawing.
  2. It is not a requirement, but I would love to know where you are from and whether this is your first visit to Artquiltmaker blog.
  3. One comment on THIS post will enter you in the drawing for all the prizes I may post. (As of 1/25, I have one prize posted, but hope to post more.)
  4. The cutoff time for comments is 6pm PST, February 14. The time stamp on my blog’s comment area will be the official timer. That means that if your comment’s time stamp says 5:59pm, you are in.
  5. Please leave your blog address, if you have one, in the comments area.
  6. To choose the winner, I will put names in a bowl and pick one out.
  7. Make sure that the email you provide when you leave the comment is valid as I will email you for the address to which you want your prize shipped. Please DO NOT leave your snail mail address in your comment. Let’s all be safe!
  8. I will announce the winner in the February 15 blog post. Sometime on 2/15 or 2/16, I will email the winners for their snail mail address. I am happy to mail internationally.
  9. You don’t have to be participating in One World, One Heart to win.
  10. I am a OWOH newbie. If I find any issues with the rules, I reserve the right to alter what I have written above.

NOTE: I have to be able to tell that your comment is not spam.

There is a lot to look at here at Artquiltmaker blog. Once you have taken your magic carpet ride, I would love it if you would come back and become part of the Artquiltmaker community.

Have a blast!

1/26/2010 Update: Blog is #472 on Lisa’s list! Thanks to Lisa for coordinating this project. Leave her a message saying thanks, if you have a chance.