Just Call Me Bag Lady – Sugar POP!

Sugar POP Chubby Charmer
Sugar POP Chubby Charmer

I finally broke down and am making another Chubby Charmer. I use my first Chubby Charmer all the time. It is a great bag.

TFQ gave me a charm pack of Sugar POP squares by Liz Scott for Moda. I like it because it is a cheerful pack. I needed some leaders and enders while I worked on other projects, so I laid the charms out on my design wall and sewed a bit.

My favorite fabric is the flower fabric with the turquoise background (second from the left, top row).

The layout you see is not exactly correct in terms of the Chubby Charmer pattern. It is correct in the placement of the fabrics. Notice I have placed the browns on the bottom? 😉  I haven’t wrapped my head completely around the Chubby Charmer pattern yet, which is why not much has been sewed and I have layout wrong.