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One thing I have learned (or hope I have learned)is that projects get stale for me. This means that I need to focus on them, get them done and move on. Have I said this before? I think so. I am reiterating it here.

I have a stack of various sized strips I have been saving for this project. The longer they sit around, the easier it is for me to forget why I am saving them and the other day I thought I would just send them off to Katie. Then, I remembered why I am saving them and the big problem with finishing this quilt.

1. I have too many blocks. What do I do? Make a giant quilt that comfortably seats 12?
make a normal sized quilt and put the extra blocks in the Children’s Quilt Project bin at EBHQ?

2. The border. I want to use the self bordering technique, but I need to sit down and figure out how that will work with this pattern and paper piecing. I just have to do it. I never seem to do it.

I really want this quilt off my mind, so…

Soon, I promise.

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2 thoughts on “Spiderweb Revisited”

  1. I send off my extra blocks all the time to a group of charity quilters… I include the pattern of where I was going with the blocks… And dang if they do not make the quilt tops to give to various charities.

    My question to you? WHAT IS A SELF BORDERING TECHNIQUE? I probably know it and have done it… but did not know it was called that.

    I love scrappy quilts but found I have too many scraps so I am sending mine off to VERY LAZY DAISY who is making a art quilt with one inch squares. Do not know the details was just GLAD to get rid of scraps.



    1. I’ll write a blog post about self bordering sometime. It is, basically, finishing off the blocks or pattern so that the pattern doesn’t look cut off. It also integrates the border into the overall design.

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