Meditation on Swoons

Swoon Top
Swoon Top

Perhaps I should have called this post “Second Guessing Myself”.

Back in January I finished the Swoon top and a short time later I sent it to the quilter.

I got it back last week. As usual, she did a fantastic job. I am merrily sewing down the binding, generally enjoying my cheerful Swoon in all its pink and orange loveliness.


Camille Roskelly, the designer of the Swoon quilt, posts a new Swoon she has just finished.


I love her work. I love her fabrics. I would probably love her if she were a friend. But this newest quilt makes me wonder if I should have made the background all the same so the Swoony motifs float. I thought I was being so clever making the blocks different. Now I don’t feel so clever. I feel like I did it wrong. 🙁

The post is making me wonder if I should make a Swoon out of the Joel Dewberry Notting Hill fabric. I do love that fabric. Perhaps this all isn’t so bad after all.