To Do List

I feel so discombobulated. Not only is the machine still gone, but I was also out of town unexpectedly for a week. I am, now, not sure I know what I need to do or how to do it. I am definitely out of my element and out of my habit of sewing.

I thought a good way to get back in the saddle was to make a to do list. This is separate from the 26 Projects list, because it is more about immediate things. I might add it as a separate category to the 26 Projects list, but it might be a good post on its own.

To Do List:

  1. Finish binding on T-Shirt quilt
  2. Secret Santa gift for BAMQG
  3. Kathleen’s Round Robin
  4. Brown Round Robin
  5. Sleeve for Original Bullseye
  6. Pillow from cake tea towel
  7. Finish sewing triangles for Scrapitude
  8. Try plain square for center of Russian Rubix blocks
  9. Wash fabric
  10. Take apart Ribbon Star and resew
  11. Sew green and red striped 8 pointed star
  12. Sew white on black wavy line 8 pointed star
  13. Layer and quilt Christmas table runner
  14. Quilt/stitch fish postcard
  15. Wash fabric (I am guessing this will never be off the list) 😉
  16. Make stiff bucket or box for TP in main bath
  17. Make stiff bucket or box for TP in second bath
  18. Dragon Box (gift)
  19. Anna Maria Horner Multi-tasker tote (gift-due Holiday 2013)
  20. Make 3 notepad covers (gifts)