A Day with Pamela

I made it to the Pamela Allen class at EBHQ.

This is all the stuff I took to class, except my sewing machine is not in the picture. (above). The pieces you see are pieces that I made in a previous class with her at Quilting Adventures.

Pamela’s work (below)

Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy (detail)

more Tooth Fairy detail

This is what it looks like when I work in a class. (above) What a mess!

My background for the House & Garden quilt. I really can’t help starting new projects in her class.

First draft

Pamela working on my piece

Lots of flowers and flying dots.

Not so many flowers and flying dots.

Not so many flowers and no flying dots.

Final composition. I like it, but I have to admit that I had a very hard time working with the darker colors (the black around the flowers and the blue/black checkerboard. All I could think of was that I wasn’t used to it. I haven’t been using much black lately and, as you know, have been trying to make cheerful quilts. This quilt-let seems a little dark to me.

Pamela working with Julie

Julie’s piece. I love the line up the left hand side.

Group Sampler project. We had 15 minutes to make our part of this piece.

Julie’s two fish. Can you find the second one?

My fish – with dots, of course!

I am tired and about to sign off, but I thought I would put up some photos for all of you to drool over while I go recover from a FAB day. More tomorrow.

Author: Jaye

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3 thoughts on “A Day with Pamela”

  1. How fun your class looked! I really wish I could have been there! I’m trying to get my guild to sponser Pamela next year. She had talked to someone once but it was at the end of their term. New term starts now – so if I really push!

    Your dotty fish looks great – Did you add any dots to your self-portrait? I can’t imagine you without them!

    And I don’t think the quilt you made is dark – although for some reason it reminds me of OZ even though there isn’t a yellow brick road in sight.

  2. It was a great class and you would have adored it. Pamela will be teaching at Road to California next year in January. If you come out I will do my best to go down. Send your guild program people to my blog posts about her class. That is real life commentary on her class. The one from last year, too, and Julie’s as well.

    No dots to the self portrait yet. Not interested in working on it right now. Maybe later.

    Others have reassured me that the new piece isn’t too dark, so I will believe all of you. Thanks.

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