Creative Prompt #238: Gaggle

This is the last post of 2013! Take 5 minutes and enjoy!

Gaggle of geese

gaggle of girls

Gaggle is a SAFE cloud-based Learning Platform for the real K-12 classroom.

Gaggle is a Vario & GPS for hang glider, paraglider and sailplane pilots. GPS based flight information such as logging, mapping, IGC file upload and glide calculations.

a new book called “The Gaggle: How to Find Love in the Post-Dating World,” by Jessica Massa

Gaggle reinforces keyboarding skills every time it’s used. A teacher can send different writing prompts to differently leveled groups of students

Gaggle is a safe web based email solution for schools and students. is a website that explores modern romance.

Gaggle buggy

Press Gaggle by Jay Carney and Ben Rhodes aboard AF1 en route Washington, D.C..

The Gaggle’s Official Tumblr page, where we navigate the relationship between love, technology, ambiguity and modernity through filtered photos


Definition: “A gaggle is a term of venery for a flock of geese that is not in flight; in flight, the group can be called a skein.

In terms of geese, a gaggle is equal to at least five geese.

In terms of salt, a gaggle is equal to eight fifty pound bags of salt. Usually one layer on a skid.

In military slang, a gaggle is an unorganized group doing nothing. In aviation, it is a large, loosely organized tactical formation of aircraft.

In certain regions of The Netherlands, a gaggle can also refer to a group of adolescent females.” Wikipedia

Gaggle Workshop 2012! Bringing software developers and scientists together to promote interoperability in software for systems biology.

In the field of systems biology, The Gaggle is an open source software framework for exchanging data between independently developed software tools and databases to enable interactive exploration of data.[1]

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