Various & Sundry 2013 #17

What I am Reading:

Supplies and Tools

You probably know by now that I am a big fan of Soft and Stable. I may just end up using it for all the bags in which I don’t use ShapeFlex (another fave, thanks to Sara at Sew Sweetness). I received an email over Thanksgiving from ByAnnie, the company (and lady) who invented Soft & Stable telling readers of her newsletter that her husband had died and shipping would be delayed. I don’t see a similar article on their blog, to which to refer you, but perhaps they will post it later. The article in her newsletter was beautiful. It made me truly hope I have such wonderful things to say about my husband when we are at the end of our lives. My heart goes out to Annie and her family.

Alison Glass Aurifil
Alison Glass Aurifil

Alison Glass has a new line of Aurifil thread that are really bright and cheerful. I like them.

Other Artists

I really like this three eyed doll by Daisy at Colorize.

On the Web

June has started a Flickr Group for projects made with hand-dyed fabric. Post your projects to the group. I believe that you can post projects even if you didn’t dye the fabric yourself. You can also find June and her projects at the Stitched by Me blog.

There was an interesting article about inspiring workspaces of the famously creative. I particularly like the pool table in Mark Twain’s space (may be a recreation?). I also want the bookcases that Nigella Lawson has. I need those bookcases! All of these people had light and most had a lot of space. Pablo Picasso’s space is spectacular. I love the shape of the doors. Ruth Reichl’s space wouldn’t work for me as a workspace, but I love it anyway and would add such a corner to some other kind of workspace. Some of the spaces actually fit their people. Does your space fit you?

Sophie commented a few times during BFSI so I went over to look at her blog, Sophie Junction. First, I loved the name. She also had a great quilt on the front page the day I looked that I thought had possibilities to be quick and not boring. Sophie is also a good writer. This is one of the great things about the BFSI – new people stop by and leave their web addresses. It is fun to see what others are making.

I noticed that Joann will provide space for craft group meetings and get togethers. I am sure it depends on the space of your local store, but check with them and see if your quilt group can meet for free.

Chris has been playing with Inktense pencils. I got some from Lisa and need to try them out. In my spare time. Yes.


If you are thinking and swearing that you will start on handmade projects early next year, Adrianne created a list of projects to get your creative juices flowing. Of course you can pull an all nighter!

Julie over at the Intrepid Thread is looking for Sample makers and pattern testers for her shop. She posted all the details on her blog. Use the special email address she has set up to apply. Great opportunity!

Blog Follow-up

DaisyW shared the following in a comment after I wrote the post called the The Rag Man. “BTW, if you have damaged clothes/other unusable fabric, Goodwill will take it. This article: quotes a Goodwill VP as saying they’ll take all textiles in any condition. If they can’t sell it as clothing, etc, they can still sell to salvage textile recyclers, sort of like the rag man on a grand scale.”

I receive the Judy Martin Newsletter via email, as I have mentioned a couple of times. Recently she sent out an issue and she included a line from an email she received. It was:

“Sorry you are so Freakin boring. .  I have to unsubscribe from your so-called bragging newsletter. . you’re really sickening to me.     Goodbye!!!”

I really can’t believe someone would send an email like that! What is the point? What do you achieve? I felt bad for her, though she handled it humbly in the newsletter. If you want to subscribe to her newsletter, you can do so at: and click subscribe

Not Quilt Related

I’ll need someone or multiple someones to attend these events announced in Deanna Raybourn’s December newsletter: “And when you’re filling in your new calendar for 2014, don’t forget to mark January 18 if you’re in the northern Virginia/DC area—I’ll be at the Salem Church branch of the Central Rappahannock Library in Fredericksburg with JOANNA BOURNE and SUSANNA KEARSLEY! We’ll be chatting and signing and hope to see you there. Susanna and I will also be at Murder by the Book in Houston on March 1 to celebrate her newest release, THE FIREBIRD and to launch CITY OF JASMINE on its birthday. Details coming soon on the Tours page of my website.” I won’t force you to buy me a present, but do attend if you can. I’d love to k now about the event. I would attend myself if I weren’t 3,000 miles away.