What’s on the Design Wall

Periodically, I look at my design and think “there is enough here for a post”, so here is that post. The last post I wrote about what was on my design wall was earlier this year. You can find it on the April 1, 2013 post.

Design Wall 12/1/2013
Design Wall 12/1/2013

My cup runneth over. Well, my design wall runneth over. Seriously, there is barely any space for one more piece of fabric.

I often think that my design wall mimics my mind and my mind is in quilt chaos at the moment. My mind is better now that I made a bit of progress during the Black Friday Sew-in and the weekend.

Mostly, the design wall is covered with octagons for the Russian Rubix. I don’t know why I feel the need to look at them spread out like that, but I, apparently, do. That feeling may be passing. The group on the very bottom is helping me to see all the unique colors. I have placed the octagons on the top randomly. I might be getting over this desire to see them all. Or I may just be getting annoyed at not having one spare inch of design wall space.

You saw the FOTY pieces the other day. They are on the bottom left.

On the very bottom left are ATCs. These are bits of art from my art quilt friends.

Above the FOTY (mid/top left) is a Russian Rubix block. I am looking at it to see how bad that seam running through the middle looks. It looks bad, but not all the time and mostly if I look at it closely.

Top left are 2″ squares in red and turquoise. I cut the fabric whenever I wash and press either of those colors and then send them to a friend when I write her a letter. I don’t know how many I have sent her. I have and buy a lot of red and turquoise.

My Stars in Stripes are still waiting for background fabrics (upper right).

A lot of my Scrapitude pieces are on my sewing table along with a few Russian Rubix blocks.

What’s on your design wall (you can upload photos to Flickr, if you don’t have a blog and want to show me)?