Black Friday Sew-in Winners

The winners of the Black Friday Sew-in giveaway are:

Black Friday Sew-in #1:  – Janet, Kati R
Black Friday Sew-in #2:  – June in AZ, Peggy Burrell
Black Friday Sew-in #3:  – Kelly O!, Julia P.
Black Friday Sew-in #4:  – April, Torina in Stitches
Black Friday Sew-in #5:  – Jackie of Sew Excited Quilts, EngrSandi
Black Friday Sew-in #6:  – Diane Rincon, Leslie Noon

Bonus Prizes: Pam C and Jen

Fabric: Polly Rouse

DVD: Daisy W

Winners will be contacted soon and your names & contact info will be passed on to Lark Crafts.

Thank you so much for participating and for your great comments. I hope you will continue to comment and participate. I so appreciate your opinions.

Black Friday Sew-in Work

Original Bullseye sleeve
Original Bullseye sleeve

I finally got myself together to make the sleeve for the Original Bullseye. I haven’t sewed it on yet, but that will be good for some evenings in front of the TV.

I don’t know why it took me so long to get to making the sleeve. Except for piecing the fabric large enough to make the sleep, putting the sleeve together doesn’t take very long.

Needle Cases
Needle Cases

I also finished the needle cases I wanted to work on. I will give those as gifts, but I was pleased to be able to work out a few more of the kinks.

I tried using the flannel for the inside and that worked really well. It was still a little thick on the edges, but I could have trimmed the flannel a little smaller and that might have made the thickness at the edges a little thinner.

Instead of following the directions for the needle part of the needle case, I used a scrap of batting. I attached it with a piece of Perl cotton. I wanted to use felt, but didn’t have any. I’ll get a sheet of wool felt if I make any more of the needle cases.

Again, instead of putting binding on the needle cases, I turned them inside out then top stiched around the outside very close to the edge.

I have to be honest that I didn’t really get as much done as I had hoped, but I got enough done.