Creative Prompt #258: Crossroads

I was inspired by this word at the recent CQFA meeting. While there is some standard imagery, there is also the metaphors that go with the word.

What is your crossroads? Are you at a crossroads in your life? Do you remember a crossroad in your life? What happened when you took the path? Did you go back and take the other path? Do you with you had?

At the crossroads

Crossroads, the first green-certified building on Cal’s campus and the nation’s first organic certified kitchen on a college campus.

Crossroads is a world champion. a capella quartet rooted in—but certainly not limited to—the Barbershop genre.

The work of Crossroads is to dismantle systemic racism and build anti-racist multicultural diversity within institutions and communities.

Crossroads.js is a routing library inspired by URL Route/Dispatch utilities present on frameworks like Rails, Pyramid, Django, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, etc.

Britney Spears and Tamra Davis in Crossroads (2002)

Definition: a place where two or more roads cross; a road that crosses a main road or that runs across land between main roads

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United States



Shopping malls


In companies and organizations

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