Creative Prompt #257: Orchid

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Radiant Orchid: Pantone 2014 Color of the Year

Phalaenopsis orchid

Fairmont Orchid, Hawai’i

San Francisco Orchid Society

Orchids at Palm Court is a superior fine dining restaurant that offers gourmet, fancy meals inside the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza.

The Orchid was the name given to a DHARMA Initiative station dedicated to exotic matter research, namely time travel, under the guise of being a botanical research station. The true station was located in an underground chamber beneath a greenhouse, and drew energy for its experiments from the same anomalous energy source as the frozen wheel. The Orchid was located several hours north or northwest of the survivors’ camp, and was found fairly close to the remnants of the statue of Taweret. (Lostpedia)

The Mid-America Orchid Congress

Town of Orchid, Florida

Orchid Grey

The Orchid Thief: A True Story of Beauty and Obsession

Black Orchid

Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid (movie)

the Zodiac Sessions by Orchid

purple Dendrobium orchids

The Orchid House by Lucinda Riley

Keiki Power Pro Orchid Plant Cloning Paste (really???)

Black Orchid by Tom Ford

Orchid by DaySmart software

Dancing Orchid in Chaos (Amazon Instant Video)

Butterly Orchid

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Definition: “Orchidaceae is a diverse and widespread family of flowering plants with blooms that are often colourful and often fragrant, commonly known as the orchid family. Along with the Asteraceae, they are one of the two largest families of flowering plants, with between 21,950 and 26,049 currently accepted species, found in 880 genera.[2][3] Selecting which of the two families is larger is still under debate, as concrete numbers on such enormous families are constantly in flux. Regardless, the number of orchid species nearly equals the number of bony fishes and more than twice the number of bird species, and about four times the number of mammal species. The family also encompasses about 6–11% of all seed plants.[4] The largest genera are Bulbophyllum (2,000 species), Epidendrum (1,500 species), Dendrobium (1,400 species) and Pleurothallis (1,000 species).

The family also includes Vanilla (the genus of the vanilla plant), Orchis (type genus), and many commonly cultivated plants such as Phalaenopsis and Cattleya. Moreover, since the introduction of tropical species into cultivation in the 19th century, horticulturists have produced more than 100,000 hybrids and cultivars.”

Vanilla is a kind of orchid!

Orchid Cellmark is one of the world’s largest and most experienced AABB accredited DNA Paternity testing laboratories