Creative Prompt #291: Blush

Welcome to 2015!

Is responding to creative prompts on your list of resolutions? I hope so. we have only 74 prompts left until the end of the project. WOW! I wonder what I will do on Fridays after that?

I picked ‘blush’ because I wanted a word that would evoke the newness of the year and after several years, I have used up many of the words that mean new. Onward

a kind of makeup (cream or powder)

Blush wine bar (San Francisco)

Definition (blushing): “Blushing is the involuntary reddening of a person’s face due to emotional stress. Examples of emotional responses that may trigger blushing include embarrassment, anger, or romantic stimulation. Severe blushing is common in people who suffer social anxiety in which the person experiences extreme and persistent anxiety in social and performance situations.” (Wikipedia)

Blush dresses

Blush band

Blush prom

blush lingerie

a color

a type of rose

Studio blush

Blush Raw Bar Lounge… a welcome-as-you-are, relaxed and contemporary atmosphere.


Blush is an online life coaching company for girls.

Blush Botanicals is one of Southern California’s premier floral design companies, serving the San Diego area and beyond.

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Blush may refer to:

Film and television


Fictional characters