Gift Post #1: Gifts for Me

Christmas 2014 Gifts
Christmas 2014 Gifts

I got a nice group of quilt/sewing related gifts for Christmas this year. It was also the right amount of stuff.

I really wanted that Scrap Basket Beauties book after seeing one of the quilts made up during a visit to Back Porch Fabrics in Pacific Grove with Friend Julie. The Young Man came through for me. I want to make the quilt I saw, perhaps in turquoise and red? Perhaps 2015 will be year of the turquoise and red? It isn’t as though I have a shortage of those colors of fabrics. 😉

The fabric in the upper left hand corner is some solids from American Made Brands. My mom found those and I am really pleased to have a few pieces with which to play.

DH got me some Kindle books from the Angela Walters machine quilting series. I will never be a serious machine quilter, but I got a glimpse of those books and think they will be really useful in my endeavors. I took over the Young Man’s iPad 2 (upgrade from my iPad 1 after he got an iPad Air for his birthday) and have been slowly reinstalling my apps including the Kindle app.

DH thought the rotary cutter was cool and thought to get some refill blades (always useful!) as well. The nice stiletto was in my stocking and I have been using it instead of my seam ripper, which I always used to push patches through my machine when corners were flipping the wrong way.

Mrs. K had good and interesting results with the Cutting Corners ruler, so I thought I would try it as well. I’ll let you know how that goes.

I feel very fortunate. Thanks, everyone!