Creative Prompt #313: King

Face card

ruler or monarch

King County, Washington

The Night’s King is a recurring character in the fourth and fifth seasons of the Game of Thrones

The King and I (play)

Martin Luther King

interactive entertainment company for the mobile world

Stephen King

The King laboratory uses molecular and comparative genomic approaches to reconstruct the origin and evolution of animals. (Jurassic Park anyone?)

KingKing, Hollywood – Features live music performances seven nights a week. Includes a calendar of events, directions, booking and production information.

B.B. King

RodneyTV Series   (King

King City, California

King 2011-present –Life of detective Jessica King does not run exactly smoothly. When she becomes the head of the Major Crime Task Force, she is eager to prove she is the best

Burger King

King James Bible

The King and Prince Beach Resort on St. Simons Island

Carole King

King & Spalding, law firm

King Arthur Flour

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Official web site for U.S. Representative Steve King (R) for Iowa’s 4th Congressional District.

Real-time trade and investing ideas on King Digital Entertainment ($KING) from the largest community of traders and investors

King Neighborhood of Northeast Portland

King Ranch Quarter Horses

King Estate Winery

Coretta Scott King

King Soopers

King Tut

King v. Burwell: Issue: Whether the Internal Revenue Service may permissibly promulgate regulations to extend tax-credit subsidies to coverage purchased through exchanges

King of Thieves – mobile app

Retailer of natural pharmaceuticals.

Disney’s The Lion King

King of Prussia

King Cage Bicycle Waterbottle Cages: Made in Durango, Colorado out of Titanium and Stainless Steel.

King Middle School, Berkeley, Calif.

Jester King Brewery

Sun King Brewing Company is an Indianapolis-based craft brewery with a focus on continually creating traditional seasonal and unique specialty beers.

King Kong

Laurie R. King

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