Creative Prompt #315: Lunch

mid day meal

Definition: “Lunch is a midday meal[1] of varying size depending on the culture. The origin of the words lunch and luncheon relate to a small meal originally eaten at any time of the day or night, but during the 20th century gradually focused toward a small or mid-sized meal eaten at midday. Lunch is the second meal of the day after breakfast.” (Wikipedia)

lunch break

lunch hour

free school lunch

lunch box

National School Lunch Program – USDA

Lunch bag

Lunch money

out to lunch

eating lunch at your desk

lunch date

“It’s Just Lunch”

lunch meeting

Woolworth’s Lunch Counter – “On February 1, 1960, four African American college students sat down at a lunch counter at Woolworth’s in Greensboro, North Carolina, and politely asked for service. Their request was refused. When asked to leave, they remained in their seats. Their passive resistance and peaceful sit-down demand helped ignite a youth-led movement to challenge racial inequality throughout the South.” (Smithsonian)

school lunch

Naked Lunch (1991 movie)

Power lunch

hot lunch

lunch room

No free lunch

New York & New Jersey Lunch Cruises

lunch ticket

songs from Lunch by Gucci Mane

let’s do lunch

lunch counter

lunch specials

go home for lunch

lunch tray

Lydia Lunch, born 2 June 1959 in Rochester, New York, USA, began her activity in 1977 with Teenage Jesus And The Jerks as lead singer and guitar player.


Lunch – the documentary

Ladies who lunch

Lunch-o-matic – PBS Kids

Healthy Lunch

break for lunch

lunch program at school

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