Creative Prompt #314: Hood

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1. The ghetto. 2. Someone who is from the ghetto. 3. Someone who acts like they are from the ghetto. (Urban Dictionary)

head covering attached to a jacket or sweatshirt

Since 1846, the name Hood® has been synonymous with fresh, quality dairy products that taste great.

Mount Hood, Oregon

Hack the Hood trains low-income youth of color in technology and marketing skills.

Walter J. Hood. Professor of Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning and Urban Design.

Hood (King Raven Trilogy) by Stephen R. Lawhead

range hood

Hood College

Hood River County

Under the Hood (2009 Video)

Warren Hood

Hood Sailmakers specialize in building high-performance, long-lasting sails for serious cruising yachts, classic yachts, short-handed racing and one-designs.

Adam Hood is a singer-songwriter from Opelika, Alabama.

Hood [Theological Seminary] is an ecumenical seminary in the African Methodist Episcopal Zion tradition.

Hood To Coast Race Series

under the hood


Definitions (Wikipedia)



  • Hood, a flap of skin behind the head of a cobra
  • Clitoral hood, a hood of skin surrounding the clitoris


  • Hood (soft top), retractable soft roof of a convertible vehicle
  • Hood (vehicle), covering over the engine compartment in a motor vehicle (‘bonnet’ in most Commonwealth countries)
  • Fume hood, piece of laboratory safety equipment
  • Lens hood, device used to block light from creating glare in photographs
  • Range hood, exhaust system for a stove or cooktop



For people with the surname “Hood”, see Hood (surname).