Care Package Pillowcase

Every time I make pillowcases, I feel like I am doing it wrong, then the pillowcase comes out fine and I feel mystified that the process worked, but vindicated that the process worked. All I can do is guess that the burrito method is not linear and that is part of the issue for me.

After finishing a big project, I wanted something quick. I also had making a pillowcase for one of the YM’s friends stuck in my head. I spent a lot of time pressing fabric on Friday night and came across a blue that would be perfect. I also found a perfect cuff fabric. Everything came together et Voilà! It was meant to be.

Dylan's Pillowcase
Dylan’s Pillowcase

I used my guide to remind me of the pillowcase making details and the project only took me a little bit of time. It was very satisfying to finish something.

This is for someone whose favorite color is royal blue. I haven’t heard of Royal Blue as a favorite in a really long time, if ever. People love turquoise (ahem) or periwinkle or navy, but Royal Blue is new one on me. Good thing I had some fabric that was close.

Tom's Pillowcase
Tom’s Pillowcase

Once finished I thought of the YM’s other good friend. All of the Musketeers would know if one got a pillowcase and the other didn’t, so I made a second pillowcase from some relatively subtle music themed fabric.

I thought I might have enough of that music fabric to make the YM one with a different cuff, so the two friends could coordinate their beds. I can dream, can’t I?

No such luck. The piece was larger than a yard, but not by much, so the leftovers are not large enough to make the body of another pillowcase. I might use the leftovers and a solid to make a cuff. The YM has plenty of pillowcases, though, so we will see.

I know I have some Star Wars fabric and a piece of Angry Birds yardage. I am tempted to make a few more pillowcases. Two of my nephews were using their Christmas pillowcases on Mother’s Day, so they might be the happy recipients of new pillowcases.