Design Wall Monday

I don’t do this type of post every week, but felt like giving you an update this week. I also wonder if you haven’t seen this same Stepping Stones strewn design wall a million times before. I think the last update was in October.

Design Wall 6/13/2016
Design Wall 6/13/2016
  1. Flying Geese: I haven’t made anymore or received any in awhile. I still have my design and lots of squares cut, so I need to get back to this.

2. Donation blocks. I am saving the red blocks to make a quilt top. I think I have enough, but I haven’t counted. You can see the stash at the bottom of my design wall under #3. I might also be saving the blue blocks to do the same. We’ll see.

3. Newest FOTY 2016 squares.

4. Stepping Stones blocks. I am stuck with these on the wall, because I have half a block done. I need more HSTs to finish it. I don’t want to put them away until I get around to it in case I forget what needs to be done. I also found a stash of Turquoise/Red Stepping Stones blocks, so I might have enough to make something.

5. Blue donation block in progress. I usually put the pieces and parts of blocks in progress near where I can reach them as I use them for leaders and enders.

6. My box of donation 2.5″ patches waiting to become blocks.


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