Design Wall Monday – mid-July

It has been almost a month since I did a Design Wall post. The wall seems like a storage facility for pieces and parts lately. I am putting patches, bits of fabric, parts of blocks and hunting / gathering pieces up to get them out of the way more than work on them. Space feels at a premium in my workroom right at the moment.

Design Wall mid-July
Design Wall mid-July
  1. Flying Geese. I am making some sets of them again. I don’t think I need anymore for the design I am contemplating, but I have a stack of squares already cut and so I might as well make them.

2. I am still collecting red donation blocks. The two set apart are the latest.

3. FOTY 2016 latest squares. You can see some of the Food Quilt #3 fabrics showing up.

4. Donation squares. I seem to have mislaid the box, so I have been putting them on the design wall until it turns up, which it will undoubtedly do. This is always why there are no new donation blocks. No fabric = no blocks.

5. Partial seam block for my Aqua-Red Sampler. Tutorial coming soon.

6. Turquoise donation block. I am thinking of making a bunch of these next for another donation top.

7. Stepping Stones block. This is my sample. Yesterday I made some progress in my head about making the parts for the rest of the blocks I intend to make.

8. Lobster Placemat. I still need to do some stitching.

9. Pieces and parts for a Stepping Stones block.

10. Start of another donation block. I really need to find that bin!

11. Four patch for a blue donation block.

What’s on your design wall?



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