2016 Various & Sundry #9

Media & Events

I heard about Flow magazine from Deanna Raybourn. It is Dutch and can be found at Barnes & Noble. Deanna writes “Imported from the Netherlands, it bills itself as a periodical for paper lovers, but it is so much more! Each issue is jam-packed with articles on creativity, activities, interviews, graphics, and freebies.” I am going to take a look at an issue when I go past the Barnes & Noble tomorrow.

I watched the TQS Show with March Lipinski that came out on 6/20/2016. In it he talked about the Quilts of Valor. I LOVE the pattern he designed. Of course, I imagine it in turquoise and pinky-red.

Apparently there is a Bay Area shop hop in November. It took Alex Veronelli from Italy to let me know. Where is the Quiltmaker’s News Network?

Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine is shutting down.

The San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles is having a fundraiser called Tying the Knot on August 27, 2016, from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. Their site has more information about this event and all of their programs.

Tips, Tricks & Tutorials

I know some of you are sewing garments with some of the new knits from our favorite designers. Sarai of Colette Patterns has a guide to finishing knits.

I’ll be sewing the Cargo Duffel 2 by Noodlehead in an upcoming class. Someone replied to my comment questioning zipper lengths that I could “easily shorten a zipper”. The person who made the comment is really nice and means well, so I refrained from making a snarky comeback, but I have to say that the Amy Butler Sweet Harmony pattern I made that asked me to shorten a zipper rather than buying the correct size still stings. Instead of the snarky comment I looked up tutorials. One I found was perfectly adequate, but had no photos, so I had very little idea what they were talking about past the first step. I avoided the videos except as a last resort and finally found the Indie Sews tutorial, which I think I can actually use.

Jackie has a money saving tip to extend the life of a worn out cutting mat.

Katie has a new video tutorial on mitered bindings with no ruler.

Products, Tools, Fabric & Supplies

I saw an article on thread, which mentions EPP in a significant way. It is a little biased towards Superior thread, but we do need a little perspective and the Superior threads I have tried have been a pleasure to use.

Friend Julie wrote a review of Steady Betty Hands on her blog. I bought these also, have used them and find that the review is accurate. My favorite part about Steady Betty Hands is that I can tie off threads, change needles and bobbins without taking them off.

I was just thinking about Pink Chalk Fabric the other day and wondering if the company was dead. I received an email with an update. The shop is finally reopening, but with a new name: ilovefabric.com. I am not sure why they are making the change since Pink Chalk had such a good reputation. My understanding was the sale was for the social media aspects of the company, but who knows. I am sure there is a reason. Their mailing address is 5653 Stoneridge Dr. Suite 109 Pleasanton, California 94588 USA and they can be reached by telephone at: (925) 399-6550

Patterns and Projects

I have been wanting to make tea cozies- a couple for myself and others as gifts. I saw a tutorial on TQS, which might just spur me on.

Garnet Hill Door Mat Inspiration
Garnet Hill Door Mat Inspiration

Friend Julie has gotten me into collecting patterns for the Row by Row Experience 2016. I make no promises about making quilts or rows, but it is kind of fun to see the patterns. Also, as a side benefit, the list of shops is awesome! Start at the state page to find participating shops in your area. You can all the FAQs, too. I saw a doormat in the Garnet Hill sale catalog that would be a great row. I am sorely tempted to make a pattern for it. What does that mean? I have to make it, which might mean further rows. That means another project. I am sorely tempted.

We are making the Cargo Duffel in a workshop at my guild. It looks like the pattern on the Kaufman site got an update.

Amy Ellis has a new line of fabric and a new pattern. The colors aren’t really bright enough for me, but I like the designs. Kelly will like the large prints!


Do you remember collecting fabric patches when you went places? They were inexpensive souvenirs. I have a small basket of them and still have illusions of making a quilt and incorporating the patches into it. In terms of collecting, that ship has sailed, I think. Boy Scouts still get patches, but they aren’t very prevalent in souvenir shops anymore. Still, I was pleased to see some very clever sewing and quilting related patches on Instagram. SIL has made specialty patches for her Scout trip over the years and I think these would be great gifts for guild officers.