Sewing Machine Angst

I seriously DO NOT want to collect sewing machines. To me, sewing machines are a tool that I plan to use. That being said, I do have my great grandmother’s Necchi, which I had repaired, but only used a few times as a sewing machine. It is currently being used as a night table* in my bedroom. I don’t really have a place to set it up, so, for now, it is a night table.

Janome DC5100
Janome DC5100

I also have the DC5100, which I purchased as an upgrade to take to classes. I had the Janome Jem for awhile and really liked it. Great stitch quality, easy to use, a few more than basic stitches. Very workable for classes. Still, I wanted a little more, so I bought this one, which I used on and off as my main machine while struggling with problems with the 9k.

Janome 9K back from the shop - June 2016
Janome 9K back from the shop – June 2016

I also have a Janome 9000, which was the first Janome electronic machine. It is 20 years; I bought it the year before the YM was born thinking it would last me forever. I couldn’t even begin to conceive of the fabulous features new machines would come out with when I bought it. Also, I didn’t count on wear and tear. As you know from recent posts, it is showing its age.

Janome 6600
Janome 6600

My friend has moved to Scotland, mostly. She left last week, but will be back later this week to clear up a few things. She suggested that I buy her Janome 6600. I really wasn’t in the market for a new machine except that I sort of am. I need something that will go through multiple layers of bag construction (remember my fight with the Boxcar Tote?) and generally be a workhorse. It isn’t the fancy machine that is the Janome 15k, but it is a new machine (to me) and has a lot of good features I want. She also will give me a payment plan and is allowing me to try it out.

I brought it home and sat it on my floor for a week. When I realized I needed to decide in a week, I knew I needed to get on it. I started to prepare to sew after Sew Day on Saturday and decided that I wasn’t allowed to sew until I set up the machine. I put it into my table and started to use it. I had to read the book to thread and wind bobbins. It isn’t that different from other machines, but is a little different.

I really like it.

  • It is smooth running.
  • It fits in my table, though not super well.
  • Great stitch quality.
  • Not too loud.
  • Doesn’t eat triangle corners.

It has an integrated walking foot, which I haven’t tried, but plan to soon.

The bad part is that I got both of my other Janomes serviced recently. The 9k is running better than it ever has. Angie, from the Sewing Machine Place, noticed that the feed dogs were acting strange and now the machine is feeding and not acting up at all. Figures, right? It knew I was planning on replacing it.

Stay tuned.
















*It is a truly awesome night table, as on it I can keep a big stack of magazines, a smaller stack of books, a small container of pens, post-it notes, etc, a small vase of flowers, a clock, a box of cough drops, a bottle of water and a few other things.