I am on a binge of pillowcase making. I bought a number of pieces of fabric in the past few weeks to make pillowcases and I started right before I didn’t have time to sew.

Bento Box Pillowcases
Bento Box Pillowcases

First, I washed all the new fabric, then ironed it while I was on the phone (great activity for talking on the phone). After searching out my file of directions, I made a couple for the YM with the Bento Box fabric I bought for that purpose.

I wanted to highlight the green in the print. Since there is a lot of pink in the print (raw fish, after all), I didn’t want that to be the focus. Not very manly in this day and age, thus the green. YM isn’t particularly fond of green, but he doesn’t dislike it either. My pillowcases have a reputation of being awesome among his friends, so I know he will use them. I think they like the high thread count.

I don’t put trim on, though my pillowcase guide says to do so, because it adds an extra crease to the cheeks.

I dug up some pillowcase fabric I bought some time ago and will work on that one plus others over the weekend.