Planned Improv Block n.2

I decided to start on a new Planned Improv (from the Sarah Goer class) block to work on in between the gifts and Christmas stuff I had to make. I put the first block on the design wall and started with the same idea.

Planned Improv block n.2 - 1st draft
Planned Improv block n.2 – 1st draft

My first iteration was ok.

As I worked on it, I looked at the balance of shape, size of blocks and color of red.

Some problems I am running into are:

  • not enough choices of squares. The solution is that I need to cut more squares in different sizes.
  • Impatience. I need to slow down and look at my piece and add squares until I get something good.
  • Running out of background options. I don’t mean I don’t have enough squares cut; i mean that I don’t have very much dark grey yardage. I don’t think I really want to buy more, but I also want some variety, so I may need to buy more.
Planned Improv block n.2 in process
Planned Improv block n.2 in process

I am sewing my final design together and I am pleased with it. The only thing that I need to worry about are partial seams. There are a lot of them in this block. I am not scared of partial seams and have a tutorial for those of you who haven’t done them, but they make me sigh. I just wasn’t thinking when I decided on the final layout. Oh well.