HRT Donation Quilt

HRT Donation Quilt - March 24, 2018
HRT Donation Quilt – March 24, 2018

I made the blue and green donation blocks last year with the idea that I would add HRTs to the blocks to make something a little different.

I have been struggling along with the HRTs,despite all the different tutorials and information I found. I was about to put it away and try “later” when I got a new burst of energy for the project. I worked on it much of the day Saturday. The burst of energy came from watching the video on how to use the Split Recs ruler. DUH, I know. I did read the directions, but clearly didn’t understand them, because I was struggling mightily to use the ruler. I really needed to watch* the video, because there are certain steps and tips that come across a lot better via video. The biggest tip: both fabrics need to face the same way. This means wrong side to right side NOT right sides together.  HUGE tip. HUGE.

HRT Donation Quilt - March 31, 2018
HRT Donation Quilt – March 31, 2018

The picture (above left) is from my first struggles with the ruler and different ways of making the HRTs.

The image (right) is from today, after I trimmed the HRTs I had and started making new HRTs to fill in the gaps.

The quilt will be 4 blocks – it will be a small NICU quilt. I have 16 blocks and may make more of these spiky blocks. We will have to see. I am pleased I am finally making progress.














*I don’t know why I am so resistant to watching quilting videos. I suppose I perceive that it takes my time away from the actual sewing. I found the Split Recs video to be invaluable and am sorry I didn’t watch it sooner.