What’s Your Oldest UFO?

Self Portrait

What’s Your Oldest UFO? was the question of the day at guild last week. I had to confess** to the Self Portrait.

I started this piece in a class with Pamela Allen in 2006. The class was great, I learned a lot and finished two other pieces, Flower Garden and Beach Town from that class. Those are great pieces, so why is this not a great piece. AND why is it not finished?

I have always thought the problem was the hair, that I couldn’t find the right hair. I don’t even know if I have tried to add hair. I have thought about adding hair, but I never seem to do it. I like the eyes, but wonder about a nose and lips.

I also like the flowers at the bottom. They need some enhancement, for which embroidery will be great.

Clearly this is more of an image of the way I think about myself or the way I was at one time in my past. I would like to finish it since it will involve beading and embroidery, which I really like. Somehow I can’t seem to do it.

Very confusing.







** confess is a strong term and I am only using for the sake of emphasis. There was no judgment and lots of laughter as we listened to each other.