Thanksgiving Aftermath

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I was thinking about the holiday. It is a good holiday.  Lots of family and no gifts that gets short shrift with all of the retail crazy. I stay out of shops during this weekend. This has not been a great year for us for a lot of reasons, but I am still really grateful for all that I have, my family and friends.

You might have heard of the Camp Fire in Butte County or the Woolsey Fire in Southern California. I am impacted by both in a very minor way. The air quality here has been awful, terrible and unhealthy on various days. I now wear a mask outside. Also, I was in SoCal when the Woolsey Fire started and had to breathe that air. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I could do something for people who had to flee their homes because of these fires. Yes, I could donate money, but I wanted to help a person. When I found out that my friend’s mother, a quiltmaker, had lost everything, including her longarm, I went through my workroom. I put together a starter kit with new or gently used items and met my friend for lunch. Her mom is set, but there is another quiltmaker having a hard time and needing the tools to make a project. I hope I got her started. As a bonus, I got to have lunch with a friend. It was nice to catch up since we hadn’t seen each other for awhile.

I don’t know Cindy Needham, but she set up a ‘shop’ where Butte County quiltmakers can come and shop for supplies and materials without cost. The linked post is open to anyone to read and comment. It looks like she is no longer taking fabric donations. Cindy’s ‘shop’ is in need of rulers, mats, rotary cutters and all the other things we use to work on our projects. She has specifically requested pre-cuts and solids recently. I have some precuts marked for a future project that I might just donate and cross off my list. Why not? It isn’t as though I have a shortage of future projects.

I know this should be a ColorPlay or creativity post. I’ll get back to it. Enjoy the variety until I do!