Past Gifts for Julie

Friend Julie’s birthday is coming followed quickly by Christmas. I always enjoy making her a few things. She always uses and appreciates (or seems to!) what I make.

I was thinking of what to make her and decided to take a look at what I had made her in the past. This is one of the reasons I continue to publish posts on this blog – keeping track of what I have made.

I wanted to group all the things I have made for her together, so I did a search. 🙁 I came up with a lot of great pictures of her, but not very many projects.

I really thought I had made her more gifts. There are a lot of options in the Gift Grouping 1 and Gift Grouping 2 I made for Mary. I think what I do is get her to make the same project on which I am working, like the Midi bag and the Undercover Maker Mat. That way, I get to enjoy her process as well and I don’t have to do all the work. HA! Clearly, I need to get busy and make some more gifts for Julie. There is a lot of potential for future gifts.