Finished: Bat Tablerunner

Bat Tablerunner: finished
Bat Tablerunner: finished

I finished the Bat Tablerunner on Wednesday and was really glad. I wanted to get it to Amy at the meeting. Fortunately she will be there! It isn’t in time for Halloween, but she is happy to use it next year.

Bat tablerunner - back quilting
Bat tablerunner – back quilting

I didn’t intend to quilt it myself, but I ended up doing it, I thought I would just get the project done and it wouldn’t be another WIP in the world, even if it wasn’t on my list. I feel good that it is finished and Amy can enjoy it.

I might have chosen a different color for the back, but I just used black over the whole back. I did switch colors on the top.

I am particularly fond of the orange bat. I think it came out pretty well.

Bat tablerunner - machine binding
Bat tablerunner – machine binding

I tried the Bat binding tool and didn’t find it helpful. I just felt like I didn’t need it to get the binding on. I suppose I didn’t take the time to learn to use it. I am sure there is a video around that I should view. It would probably help me understand better whether it would be useful. I did use Sarah Goer’s method to create a machine binding. It looks pretty good and I am proud of it.