Frolic! Relief

After last week’s Frolic! ‘progress’ and my lack of time to tinker with projects during the week lately, I felt like putting Frolic! away and working on something else. This is not a good strategy for me and would not have helped the project. I also don’t want more UFOs.

I decided on Friday that I go back to Clue 4 and start there. I decided I would spend a little time cutting as not having the pieces to work with seemed to be hampering me.

I have to acknowledge that I did sew blocks together last weekend and that was some project.

Frolic! - end of February 2020
Frolic! – end of February 2020

I, however, wanted major progress and that required cutting more pieces. I cut about 15 ‘sets’ on Friday night. When I was ready to sew on Saturday, that made a difference. I still had to do some cutting, but I was able to get a lot of sewing done. The blocks are not all sewn, but they are well on their way and my design wall is more full.

The best part was that I felt like I did good work and felt hopeful about this project again.